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the Graduate School of Management at Brigham Young

University, and for over two decades has worked as a consultant

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the Graduate School of Management at Brigham Young University, and for over two decades has worked as a consultant
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on extensive culture-change projects. His award-winning, video­

based training programs have been used successfully by hundreds

of the Fortune 500 companies. Among his many clients are Ford

Motor Company, Allstate, and Intermountain Health Care.

Joseph Grenny (jg@vitalsmarts.com) cofounded California

Computer Corporation. He also cofounded Unitus, a nonprofit

organization that helps the third-world poor achieve economic

self-reliance. He has taught and coached thousands of corporate

and government leaders around the world. In the past seventeen

years he has designed and implemented major change initiatives

for numerous clients including IBM, AT&T, Lockheed Martin,

the state of California, and Columbia HealthCare.

Ron McMillan (rm@vitalsmarts.com) holds advanced degrees in

sociology and organizational behavior. He cofounded Covey

Leadership Center and was vice president of research and devel­

opment foJ’ seven years. He serves on the board of directors of

Amcl’icull Fu m i ly I ns t i tute . For over twenty-five years, he has




worked with a variety of groups, ranging from unions and first­

level managers to CEOs and corporate executives, on topics

including team development, personal vitality, and leadership.

His clients include the Saturn Division of GM, Procter &

Gamble, Disney, Aetna, Nike, and Lennox.

Al Switzler (as@vitalsmarts.com) is on the faculty at the Exec­

utive Development Center at the University of Michigan.

Previously, he has taught at Auburn University, the University of

Kentucky, and the Graduate School of Management at Brigham

Young University. He has served as president of two consulting

firms, vice president of marketing for an information firm, and

director of training and management development for a health­

care company. He has worked with hundreds of clients, including

Key Bank, Philips Electronics, the U.S. Department of Energy,

and aGE Energy Corp.

The authors founded VitalSmarts ( 1 990), coauthored The Bal­

ancing Act; Mastering the Competing Demands of Leadership

( 1 996) , and have codeveloped dozens of training programs.



About Vita/Smarts

For twenty-five years, the authors have been helping individuals,

teams, and organizations improve the way they approach their

crucial conversations. They have worked with union, corporate,

and government leaders as well as front-line employees in hun­

dreds of organizations-including over three hundred of the

Fortune 500 companies. These experiences have consistently led

to significant, rapid, and measurable improvement in results.

Through these experiences the authors have developed a variety

of proven resources that can help you master your crucial conver­

sations. They include:

• Video illustrations of skills

• Assessment of personal, team, and organizational crucial

conversation skills

• Multimedia newsletter that describes best practices, applica-

tions, and fun tips

• Audio Mastery Course

• Self-study course for teams, couples, and small businesses

• Reminders and cues

• Live web trainings with authors




• Public training courses and special events

• In-house training and certification

• Retreats and keynotes

• e-training

To inquire about these and other resources and solutions,

contact us at:


1 -800-449-5989

We’d like to hear about your attempts to improve your crucial

conversations. Visit us at www.crucia1conversations.com and

share what you’ve done. Your example can help others and may

be included in an upcoming publication.

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