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Sometimes it feels dangerous to sincerely explore the views of

someone whose path is wildly different from your own. He or

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Sometimes it feels dangerous to sincerely explore the views of someone whose path is wildly different from your own
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she could be completely wrong, and we’re acting calm and col­

lected. This makes us nervous.

To keep ourselves from feeling nervous while exploring others’

paths-no matter how different or wrong they seem-remember

we’re trying to understand their point of view, not necessarily

agree with it or support it. Understanding doesn’t equate with

agreement. By coming to understand another person’s Path to

Action, we are not accepting it as absolute truth. There will be

plenty of time later for us to share our path as well. For now,

wc’re merely trying to get at what others think in order to under­

stand why they’re feeling the way they’re feeling and doing what

t hey’rc doing.





Now let’s put the several skills together in a single interaction. We’ll

return to Wendy. She has just come home from a date with the guy

who has you frightened. You yank the door open, pull Wendy into

the house, and double-bolt your entrance. Then you talk, sort of.

WENDY: How could you embarrass me like that ! 1 get one

boy to like me, and now he’ll never talk to me again! 1

hate you!

You: That wasn’t a boy. That was a future inmate. You’re

worth more than that. Why are you wasting your time

with him?

WENDY: You’re ruining my life. Leave me alone!

After Wendy’s bedroom door slams shut, you drop down

into a chair in the living room. Your emotions are running

wild. You’re terrified about what could happen if Wendy con­

tinues to see this guy. You’re hurt that she said she hated you.

You feel that your relationship with her is spiraling out of


So you ask yourself, “What do 1 really want?” As you mull this

question over, your motives change. The goals of controlling

Wendy and defending your pride drop from the top to the bottom

of your list. The goal that’s now at the top looks a bit more inspir­

ing: “I want to understand what she’s feeling. 1 want a good rela­

tionship with Wendy. And I want her to make choices that will

make her happy.”

You’re not sure if tonight is the best or worst time to talk, but you

know that talking is the only path forward. So you give it a shot.

You: (Tapping on door.) Wendy? May I talk with you


WENDY: Whatever.




(You enter her room and sit on her bed. )

YOU: I’m really sorry for embarrassing you like that. That

was a bad way to handle it. [Apologize to build safety]

WENDY: It’s just that you do that a lot. It’s like you want to

control everything in my life.

YOU: Can we talk about that? [Ask]

WENDY: (Sounding angry) It’s no big deal. You’re the par­

ent, right?

YOU: From the way you say that, it sounds like it is a big

deal. [Mirror] I really would like to hear what makes you

think I’m trying to control your life. [Ask]

WENDY: What, so you can tell me more ways that I’m

screwed up? I’ve finally got one friend who accepts me,

and you’re trying to chase him away!

YOU: So you feel like I don’t approve of you, and your friend

is one person who does? [Paraphrase]

WENDY: It’s not just you. All my friends have lots of boys

who like them. Doug’s the first guy who’s even called me.

I don’t know-never mind.

YOU: I can see how you’d feel badly when others are getting

attention from boys and you aren’t. I’d probably feel the

same way. [Paraphrase]

WENDY: Then how could you embarrass me like that? !

YOU: Honey, I’d like to take a stab at something here. I won­

der if part of the reason you’ve started dressing differently

and hanging out with different friends is because you’re

not feeling cared about and valued by boys, by your par­

ents, and by others right now. Is that part of it? [Prime]

WEN DY: (Sits quietly for a long time) Why am I so ugly? I

real ly work on how I look but . . .




From here, the conversation goes to the real issues, parent and

daughter discuss what’s really going on, and both come to a better

understanding of each other.

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