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Milestone 5 ERP Business Case (due on Sunday)


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Milestone 5 ERP Business Case (due on Sunday)
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Your business is growing rapidly. However, you are losing customers again, this time due to logistics. Your sales department cannot keep up with production reports, making it hard to measure sales and creating inaccuracies in your accounting and distribution. Management cannot accurately gauge sales because when they finally do receive the report, it is from the prior month.

Use the following outline to create a business case for an ERP system. For each section use the heading provided and address each bulleted point



Project Summary

•Write high-level and detailed descriptions of the project covering scope, objectives, contacts, resource plan, key metrics, implementation plan, and key success factors.


Conclusion and Recommendation

•Provide your primary recommendation and conclusions.


FYI (Company is Canyon Aeronautics which deals in airplane parts production and maintenance.)

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