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DQ2 100-150 WORDS


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Compare and contrast the IT scorecard and dashboard approaches. Which, if either, would be most useful to you as a general manager? Please explain.
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Compare and contrast the IT scorecard and dashboard approaches. Which, if either, would be most useful to you as a general manager? Please explain.




A Destiny Carlisle

Hello Class,

Dashboard is collection of graphs, gauges and visual representations that monitor the KPIs. This is usually use to help strategic plan and provide more instant results on a day to day basis, which uses most charts to compare and contrast on a different or diverse scale datasets.

Scorecard performance is used to create results. It provides a more organized chart to help meet goals or make sure that the goals are in alignment with organization. It provides a static view of the dynamic hud to monitor the success of an project. Usually there is an update on how to track the progress of the project weekly or monthly.

The difference between them is that one dashboard is able to provide more of an visual and numerical view on how the system will operate and the results from that performance. Where the scorecard is more of an concise view of the specific area and more goal related. Both provide progression of a business and are deemed useful.


B Elijah Coverin

Hello class,

It should be noted that “a scorecard focuses on a given metric and compares it to a forecast or target” while “a dashboard will present multiple numbers in different way” (Khawaja, 2020). In other words, a scorecard is for performance management while a dashboard is for performance monitoring. I feel like both of these would be useful as a general manager, but while scorecards would help with a specific view I think that dashboards would be more useful to me overall due to the fact that it provides a more full view of the organization before allowing one to narrow things down.

C Jonathan Retes

Professor Gentry and Class,

The dashboard is a graphical user interface that displays key performance indicators for a business, a project, or a process in real-time. Scorecards and dashboards are both business tools that measure performance and progress. An organization’s scorecard serves as a framework for aligning its strategies with its objectives by tracking major metrics based on information about customers, growth objectives, financials, and business processes. Both approaches must be analyzed and understood before any decision can be made. Scorecards and dashboards are both effective strategic tools, but they have very different applications—so it’s wise to be sure you understand the problem your organization is facing before deciding on the appropriate fix. If you make your decision hurriedly or incorrectly, you could end up costing your organization in a big way and dealing with quite a headache.

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