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There are strengths and weaknesses to this approach. The strength of gathering opinions

of each participant gives strength of how they feel towards constantly rising prices of golf and of

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There are strengths and weaknesses to this approach
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each golf course. The participants will provide personal experience to give a better idea of what

they go through on a daily basis. By collecting the quantitative data, mentioned above, this will

give a better sense of how much each participant makes and how much they are willing to spend

on golf. That will give a better understanding of where each participant falls on the social ladder.

The weaknesses of this approach are that the geographical location of intended research

is a limited area. Not every golf course, in the United States, is the same. As mentioned, there are

15,500 golf courses in the United States, which means thousands (maybe millions) of golfers.

Researching a certain area of the country will only give a general idea of what every golfer is

feeling. This approach will not give a whole answer of how EACH golfer feels. Also, not every

golfer may feel comfortable to give their opinion or financial data. This would require finding

more participants for the study, researching other golf courses, or finding another area of the

country to research.

Data Analysis

In order to make sure the qualitative and quantitative data provides strength to the

intended research, it must be valid information. This means that the data is non-bias. This is a

four-step process: 1) fraud, making sure every participant had been interviewed. 2) screening,

making sure each participant was chosen for the correct criteria. 3) procedure, making sure the

procedure was followed correctly. 4) completeness, making sure all of the questions had been

asked (Humans of Data, 2019). This will help the quantitative data. By getting a mean of each

participants income and financial data, this will show the average of each participant. It will




Golf & Social Class

show the frequency of how many times each participant plays per year. It will also show the

range of how much each participant spends on golf (courses and equipment).

To analyze the qualitative data, content analysis and narrative analysis will need to be

used. The content analysis will be used to analyze the documented data, surveys. It will help

analyze the responses provided by the participants. The narrative analysis will provide

information from the interviews of each participant, how they are acting in each interview. It will

also provide information of personal observations of each golf course (Humans of Data, 2019).

As mentioned, each golf course is not the same. They all have their own rules and way of doing

things. Giving personal observations can give further insight of how each golfer and golf course

acts. This will show a big difference between each course.

This way of collecting data will provide strength to the overall research by providing lots

of data of each participant. By having the financial data, mean, frequency and range, this will

provide the best insight of each participant and how they relate to a certain social class. By

providing their opinions, it will also help gather their input on the constant changing price of golf

and how it affects their standing.

There are strengths, but there are also weaknesses. By collecting data this way, there

could be outliers that skew the data. Every participant is different and individualized. Some

participants may play a lot of golf but use cheaper equipment and play at less expensive courses.

This means they could feel completely different to other participants, that play at the more

expensive golf courses.

At the end of the day, golf is one of the most expensive sports in the world. Between the

equipment and pay-to-play prices, the price can stack up. The better off a golfer is, the easier it

would be to help pay for golf. This proposed study will help show that the game of golf is




Golf & Social Class

designed to attract the upper class of people, in order to keep the tradition and integrity of the

game. Through the rules, code of etiquette, and price, the game is able to force people out of the

golfing world and create its own “club”.


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Golf & Social Class

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