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You are working on a locked behavioral unit in your hospital. You have a new admission on your shift. The patient’s name is Adam Jacobs. He is a 47-year-old male who was admitted to the hospital from the ER for taking his wife’s narcotics medication prescribed to her for her recent foot surgery. Adam admitted to taking 12 Norco at the same time” he stated he cannot take the voices telling him what to do anymore.” Adams served 20 years in the Marines. Once he retired seven years ago, he has been dealing with episodes of hallucinations, night sweats, depression, ETOH abuse, and voices in his head. While in the military, Adams admitted to taking MDMA on the weekends for about ten years. Adams had his psych eval today and awaiting for the physician to update the EMR with the diagnosis. However, in the meantime, Adams is concerned about the behavioral unit being able to accommodate his religious practice as a west African culture


I need a good nursing Assessment of this scenario above. Kindly support your answer with good citations and references

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