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Impact of Early Use of Technology on Child Development
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FLE part 1

15 October 2022


Impact of Early Use of Technology on Child Development

The topic of child development got selected due to its expansive nature and capability of connecting to current societal constructs. Technology usage has become more advanced in society due to its impact on child development. There are positive and negative effects of children’s early use of technology. Technology has constant, reliable outcomes since children aged 2-5 can access information in a simplified method. Families of children in the age group can attain the required development by using online infographics, videos, and pictures to display various information for their children. Infographics are a reliable data-sharing tool since they can integrate images, diverse colors, motions, and sorting operations that correlate user data to ensure an expansive data improvement process. Different software types assist children in learning, like websites and mobile applications. Parents and teachers can install the software on tablets which are standard tools to support children’s attention and free time.

Research on harmful technology use by children indicates that children are often exposed to unhealthy food consumption, body image dissatisfaction, and inappropriate behavioral adaptation when they use technology without monitoring (Ricci et al., 2022). Too much technology usage can affect children’s attention span since they become fixated on their digital lives, which causes them to miss out on their immediate physical environment (Mustafaoğlu et al., 2018). Parents must develop objectives for managing technology usage by children so that there shall be an appropriate development structure. The goals include the development of a plan for all device usage, setting time limits, and screen time should constantly get monitored, having enough technical knowledge, and restricting inappropriate websites. All these methods facilitate proper improvement of technology usage since it is possible to ensure regulations get integrated for indispensable technological interactions


1) Present ways to parents how they can implement healthy technology use at home

2) Explain the pros and cons of young children using technology at an early age

3) Promote how technology is used in schools to ensure constant learning

4) Explain the outcome that technology has on early brain development

5) Display an online infographic blog discussing early technology use and ways to safely implement it into kids lives






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