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Family Life Education (FLE) Project – Part II

HSL 3853 Child Development Practicum

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Family Life Education (FLE) Project – Part II
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FLE is any organized effort to provide family members with information, skills, experiences, or resources intended to

strengthen, improve or enrich their family experience (www.ncfr.org). Educational programs are effective in providing

information to individuals, families, and communities. In order to develop and facilitate programming you need to

have familiarity with both the content that needs to delivered, and what type of program design is the most effective

in delivering that content.

For Part II you will research your topic, explore the 10 FLE Content Areas, and describe the logistics of your project

(i.e., how it will be presented and why).


You have the choice of developing an online resource or preparing something inside the lab such as a bulletin board,

special event/activity, or newsletter.


You can start Part II by reviewing the material in Module Six and the Assignment Module. Use the information to

prepare a paper following the outline below. Use NAEYC.org and NCFR.org to get started. They have information on

child development, family life education and communication, and COVID.





• Topic – latest research on your topic using approximately 300 -500 words total

o Overall/general information

o Importance to children and families overall and specifically how the children/families in our lab will benefit from

your project

o New considerations due to Covid


• 10 FLE Content Areas

o Cover five of the ten content areas

o Explain how you are addressing each content area with your project using 25-50 words for each content area

▪ Example: FLE #10 – I will research the importance of communication and how to select and disseminate credible

resources. I will also examine how to effectively interact with families, how to support their navigation of remote

interactions, barriers to dissemination, and how to present information in a variety of ways to address various

learning styles.


o Logistics: How are you disseminating your research on your topic?

o State what you will be doing and how you will do it in one sentence

▪ Example: I am completing a series of five TikToks on healthy snacks for toddlers to be posted on the CFLEC

Facebook page

▪ Example: My newsletter focuses on vaccinations. My topic is the history of vaccinations and current

CDC/WHO data on their use/effectiveness. I will address methods of communicating the importance of

vaccinations, especially during a time of heavy Covid infections, and I will find resources to share with


o Explain why your method of dissemination is effective for children and families and how you are meeting your

objectives in 200-300 words

▪ Current research on effective methods of providing family life education to children and families

▪ Ability to access, cost to families, time to spend




• Reference list – using APA

o Use five academic resources from a variety of sources in writing your paper and cite in the text using APA

▪ If you are not sure how to find academic sources you can go to Booth Library

▪ Resources on APA are found in your assignment module

o NAEYC, NCFR, CDC, WHO are all considered academic sources





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