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Discuss the prison subculture for inmates and correctional officers.

2. Compare importation theory with exportation theory.

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Discuss the prison subculture for inmates and correctional officers.
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3. Identify different aspects of prison culture that explain how offenders and officers view the world around them.

4. Discuss how professionalization and the diversification of correctional staff have impacted the prison subculture.

5. Discuss the impact that prison gangs have had on prisons, including the traditional prison subculture.

6. Identify the 13 gangs listed in this chapter as the primary prison gangs in the United States.

7. Explain what prison systems do to control gang problems that occur in their facilities.

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Prison Subculture and Prison

Gang Influence




236 Introduction to Corrections

I will stand by my brother

My brother will come before all others

My life is forfeit should I fail my brother

I will honor my brother in peace as in war

Aryan Brotherhood Oath


This chapter provides students with a very unique aspect of the world of corrections. Students will learn that within the institutional environment, there is a commonality of experiences that arise between those who are involved; this is true for both inmates and staff. Indeed, many people may not be aware that, in fact, the mind and the world of the inmate often affect the mind-set of security personnel who work with the inmate. In essence, there is an exchange of beliefs and perspectives that often come together to produce a unique fusion between the two groups. This exchange of beliefs creates a unique subculture that is the product of both inmate norms being brought in from the outside and those taken from the prison to the outside community.

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