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 You ask whether someone has talked with A.P. about “safe sex.” She laughs and tells you there is nothing safe about sex. Undaunted, you ask if she would be willing for you to discuss the use of condoms with her sexual partners. She tells you that she is already careful; if she does not “know the guy,” then she uses a condom. How are you going to respond?



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You ask whether someone has talked with A.P. about “safe sex.
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10. You ask A.P. whether she has been tested for HIV. She says no, she does not know anyone with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and she does not have sex with gay men. Now what are you going to say?







11. You ask her whether she would like to be tested for HIV. It will not cost her anything, no one will know the results but she, and it is completely confidential. She agrees to the test. What counseling will you provide A.P.?







12. You make an appointment for A.P. to return to the clinic in 1 week for her HIV test results. Describe the instructions you will give to A.P. before she leaves the clinic.











Case Study Progress

A.P. returns to the clinic in 1 week for her HIV test results, which are negative. Her culture results confirm the diagnosis of chlamydial infection.


13. What are your primary nursing concerns at this time?




14. A.P. has completed the course of antibiotic therapy and is no longer experiencing any symptoms. After counseling her on ways to reduce her risk of acquiring another STI, you determine that A.P. understood your teaching regarding safe sexual practices if she states that she will do which of the following? Select all that apply.

a. Use a new application of spermicidal jelly before each sexual encounter

b. Not worry about contacting an STI if the man states he has few partners

c. Have her partner and her both wear a new condom with each sexual encounter

d. Douche with an over-the-counter solution within 4 hours of having intercourse

e. Inspect the genitalia of her partner before intercourse or other contact with perianal area

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