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Student Name Ralph Marrero
MSN Program Family Nurse Practitioner
Project Title Depression in adolescent
Week 1
State Your Clinical Question Comment by Renita: Changes not made as suggested by Professor

[100 to 150 words]

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State Your Clinical Question Comment by Renita: Changes not made as suggested by Professor [100 to 150 words]
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· State your clinical question or topic for your capstone project proposal.

· What issue is the question/topic addressing?

· What are the reasons you selected this question/topic? Comment by Renita: Must list 3 reasons for choosing the topic


My topic of interest will be focus on the adolescent depression and how to identify risk factors to prevent suicide. Adolescent depression is on the rise. Recent surveys indicate that as many as one in five teens suffers from clinical depression. This alarming high rate of depression and suicide for adolescents worldwide is a big concern and it is important to know how to detect it. Depression can be difficult to diagnose in adolescents because adults may expect them to act moody. Also, adolescents do not always understand or express their feelings very well. They may not be aware of the symptoms of depression and may not seek help. This proposal addresses an opportunity to improve providers’ skills to properly identify potential risk factors and effective treatment tools we can use to better the life of the depressed adolescent. I chose this topic of interest because mental health is one of the areas if feel many people struggle with and they have a stigma against mental health. As a practitioner want to treat not only the medical condition of my patients but the mental health side as well.

















Week 2
Background Information

[200 to 250 words]


Address the following questions/bullets in completing this section:

· Start at the starting point – What, Where, When, Why, and How?

· What is known about this topic or what is the evidence on this topic (Scoping Search)?

· What is the outcome of interest?

· What are the gaps in our understanding or knowing related to this topic?

Those who will benefit the most from the evidence given are the veterans of the age 45 years to 50 years as well as the primary care providers. One of the greatest impact that would result from the audience which has been provided is the participation in the primary care clinics whereby they would benefit beneficial veterans having suicidal ideations take a period of 3 months up to a year later. 30 being needed include the which is said to that should be having mandatory categories which are provided and answerable. The most appropriate man who would be of the ages 45 to 50 who are involved in most of military activities care providers. The benefits which would be observed for this case would include the possibility of having measures being established on prevention of suicidal ideation and any other any other tents which would be provided more primary care follow-ups and other related depression screening. Some of the potential risk which would be there would include having failure to follow ups after 3-month. appointment even having this person aeration increasing in terms of the percentages and other attempts of primary care follow-ups unprofitable. One should understand that barriers would include having tough times in finding enough what are specific age group experiencing the suicidal ideations and I want correct enough data if there would be a decrease in their ideation and attempts more frequent follow ups.
Week 3
Literature Search Strategies Comment by Renita: Changes not made as suggested by Professor

[150 to 200 words]


Provide details of your exhaustive search process. Be certain to list:

· Databases searched.

· All the keywords or search phrases used.

· How many articles in total that were found?

· List the inclusion/exclusion criteria.

· Provide the number of articles that were retained and a description on why those articles were retained.

· Consider using a flowchart to outline the search process.

The PubMed is considered to be a citation and abstract index that is from the National center for biotechnology information are the United States National Library of medicine. Please that I found to be more user-friendly doubt supportive evidence based articles on a period duration of 2017 to 2022. The criteria used on finding these it was by the certain keyword phrases such as veteran suicide depression in veterans decreasing suicide whereby I was able to find out over 150 articles. I also used the South University Library which is noted to be having diversified information on I’m suicidal help we’re by The Searchers in these articles were made using the keywords such as suicide prevention measures and also the words such as the veteran mental health. From this search I found out that 10 articles review consideration in the discussion about mental health. Customer on the articles that were discussing interventions all the various strategies that would be used on reducing the risk of suicide other articles that were discussing about the various factors that are contributing to increased instances being reported. In the United States which side is considered to be a public health issue disproportionately faced person who are serving most in the United States military. The US department of veteran’s affairs has made a number of suicide provisions measures into top consideration implementation. Veteran affairs body is committed at having suicide prevention among the entire population for those who have served in the military regardless of where they came from benefits they are getting from the state. Understand that suicide can be prevented by a number of such as embracing the partners at home, having friends whom can share issues with and many more. Following a national strategy the veterans affairs which involves application of a public health strategy and having the different clinically based practices and interventions being used.


Week 4
Literature Review Comment by Renita: Changes not made as suggested by Professor

[500 to 1000 words]


Conduct a review of the literature. Include at least five (5) research articles and/or evidence-based guidelines. Address the following questions/bullets in completing this section:

· Conduct a review of the literature.

· Provide the highlights from the research.

· Synthesize the literature on the topic.

· Summarize how the project will contribute to knowledge by filling in gaps, validating, or testing knowledge.

· Cite references in this section per APA and list the reference in the References section at the end of the form.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the safety plans for military veterans. the department of the VA has been responding to issues contributing to high percentages of suicidal rates by having the provision of safety plans to the veterans having suicidal thoughts. Also, there have been major research activities on the efficacy of the SPs but no prior studies have indicated the degree to which a person would be linked with the outcomes most relevant on preventing suicidal thoughts/behaviors. The current studies aims at having more measures of prevention of suicidal behaviors being established and also being made effective based on the implementation which is done. The present study was about examination and the establish on ensuring that are determined and strategies of reducing the effects being put in place. Participants who have been involved in previous studies, whereby most of them are the military personnel I want other military veterans have been considered to be much important for the studies.

Team based suicide prevention

This is a strategy that involves the provision of lessons from an early age based on the collaborative acre provided. one should understand that the suicidal prevention in any clinical setting is a very demanding thing as it need coordination of the multiple clinicians who are having diversity in their skills on handling issues related to suicidal behaviors. Different challenges and benefits are experienced by the team approaching to provision of suicide prevention n the primary care provision whereby a particular focus for this case is on the veterans. The Veteran Health Administration is considered to be having both stakes in the prevention and o the systematic adoption of the different approaches relating to primary care intervention which would positively influence the suicidal acre being provided. one should also understand that the clinical trials a very important role in the suicidal prevention based on the efforts which are invested on by the clinicians in ensuring that the whole activities relating to suicidal prevention would be successfully initiated positively.

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