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Drug dealer ethics

One of my enlightened students:

“4 years ago I was making money from illegal activities.  When I started I didn’t have much money and thought that if I had money I would be happy.  When I got money, I wasn’t happy.  Nothing made me happy at that time.  I knew the consequences of my action, I have wrecked many people’s lives and understand it now, more clearly.  I was a selfish human being, with nothing to look forward to except more money. After I got arrested, I was still ignorant.  They put me in a concrete cell with nothing but a bench, a toilet and toilet paper.  It was far different from what I was used to.  At night when I went to sleep, I had to use the toilet paper bundle as a pillow.  It was very nerve wracking with no freedom.  My life flashed past me, I wondered to myself…  Where did I go wrong?  I had a normal childhood, I had everything.  Why did I do what I did?  Then I came to the conclusion ‘What did I do?’ and felt shame. I was looking at myself as just an individual.  I was only out there for myself.  I did not know of the consequences and pain it would cause to others around me.  I didn’t care if I died back then.  But if I died it would affect all the others around me… my mother, my father, my brother, and all those people who I called ‘friends’. After that episode in my life I lost everything.  My car, money, and people who I thought were ‘friends’ .  I realized how vulnerable I was. I thought to myself compared to what I was then, I am nothing (now)… I now realize that I have myself, what I had before… without all of the materialistic stuff.  At first I felt shame because I didn’t have anything, but all that is beginning to change. [underlining added] I am looking for a new chapter in my life now.  I feel as though I needed philosophy when I was younger.  Then perhaps my life would have been different?”


Your student xxx.



Hello xxx,

..….deep in our heart we want to love and to be loved. If we can extend this heart into the ones around us (but no our family members) then, we can make a bit change in the environment we live. When one is loved, one sees his or her value. He or she builds up his/her confidence. He or she will more likely to love others. A French novelist once wrote (to the effect): To build one more school, then you can build one fewer prison. I appreciate your thoughts. They are really philosophical, and I can see they are from the depth of your heart. Good thinking. Puqun



A Contrast between a Drug Dealer’s ‘Ethic’ and a Law-abiding Taxpayer’s Ethic (from the above enlightened student; a title is added here for clarity)

This is their [tax payers’] case if they live and earn a living legitimately:

I work or operate my own business to make money.

I make money legitimately.

People have to pay a portion of their hard earned money in a form of taxes to the government.

The chance of getting rich legitimately is slim to nothing.


The majority of the people are not rich. Therefore, I will not be rich.


For criminals, this is their premise[s]:


I work or operate my own business to make money.

I make money illegally.

I don’t have to pay a portion of my hard earned money to the government.

The chance of getting rich illegally can be done.


I am not obeying the rules of authority which restrict me from getting rich. Therefore, I can get rich.

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