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RESIDENCY 2 FINAL ASSIGNMENT: Aligning Research Components Matrix: This is a working document for you to start and revise during the residency sessions as you work towards alignment. We don’t expect you to know now what will be your dissertation focus. Start with something close to your interests. Align the components as you develop your thinking. We expect your final dissertation will be different after many more iterations. The boxes will expand as you type. (See Guidelines and Rubric below.)

Name: Date: Residency Cohort: Cohort Leader:
Working Title for your Dissertation (12 words or less):
  Problem Statement Aligned Research Design
Dissertation Prospectus Rubric Quality Indicators Meaningful, Justified, and Impact

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RESIDENCY 2 FINAL ASSIGNMENT: Aligning Research Components Matrix:
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(related to specialization}

Original Grounded Feasible and Objective
Research Components to Align Social Problem of Significance in the Field

What is the social problem? Why is it important to address?

What stakeholders would care?

You can use citations.

Background/Literature Review

List key words and search terms to explore.

Add at least 3 empirical references below.

Meaningful Gap in Research Literature

What researchable problem relates to the broader social problem in column 1?

What might not have been researched about it? (Gap)

Possible Research Question(s) Theories or Conceptual Framework

Add at least one citation here and reference at end.

Tentative Method of Inquiry List possible method and provide 2-3 sentences justifying the choice.
 Fill in each section as you develop ideas. Seminar 1


Seminar 2 and 3


Seminar 1 and 4


Seminar 4


Seminar 5


Seminar 5


Initial idea(s) during seminars 1-5            
Peer and Faculty feedback and networking: Gather feedback on your idea from at least one faculty and one peer at residency.


For example: Peer in my program suggested x, y, z. The faculty who I met with at advising recommended a, b, c. Due to faculty feedback regarding my methodology I changed it to a quantitative design so it is more aligned to my problem and research question.

Final Response: Enter your “final response” in each column based on the feedback you received.

If the information did not change enter it here as well so the alignment is clear—do not leave any item blank and do not list “none”.

Reflection & Next Steps:

Reflect on your next steps for each component (column) based on the feedback and what you have learned during Residency 2. What do you need to do to prepare for Residency 3 (e.g. Read, annotate, network, build skills, use resources, etc.}



        How you might network to find available data sources or feasible data collection sites?
REFERENCES: (APA Format) At least three empirical articles and one theory book or article.







GUIDELINES FOR RESIDENCY 2 FINAL ASSIGNMENT: You will develop the Final Assignment during each of the Residency 2 sessions. Residency 2 sessions were designed to help you learn how to develop and align research components.

The columns in the Final Assignment are the components needed in a research study. These components correspond to the topics in the Residency 2 seminars:

· Social Problem or Significance in the Field – Seminar 1

· Background / Literature Review – Seminars 2 and 3

· Meaningful Gap in the Research Literature (or Research Gap) – Seminars 1 and 4

· Possible Research Question – Seminar 5

· Theories or Conceptual Framework – Seminar 5

· Tentative Method of Inquiry – Seminar 5

The rows in the Final Assignment represent the iterative process of developing your research ideas. To complete the Final Assignment, there are four actions:

· 1st row: Write your initial ideas/thoughts for each item.

· 2nd row: Gather feedback from others on those items.

· 3rd row: Finalize your thoughts about each item.

· 4th row: Reflect on what you need to do to move forward.

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