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Q1. How does this influence the culture and operations of one of the countries your MNC (Toyota Manufacturing Company) operates in?
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Q1. How does this influence the culture and operations of one of the countries your MNC (Toyota Manufacturing Company) operates in? 

When it comes to corporate culture, Toyota Motor Corporation has aggression, meticulousness, and an emphasis on teamwork. Because of the emphasis placed on speed, accuracy, and thoroughness, as well as the need for workers to be aggressive and competitive rather than cooperative, groups of workers have formed rather than individuals. Toyota Motor Corporation has an inventive culture, the case data shows. Working in teams, they paid close attention to detail while also trying to be innovative. Since Toyota controls a big chunk of the auto industry’s market, a look at the company’s early culture could shed light on why it has been so successful and why it has recently undergone a cultural transition due to certain questionable risks taken with the product’s quality (Davaajav, 2020).

According to Toyota, its founding principles are “respect for people and a commitment to constant progress.” Genchi Genbutsu, respect, teamwork, and the spirit of challenge underlying these cultural tenets (go and see for yourself)

A system of regional Customer Quality (CQ) offices was set up as a direct result of Toyota’s emphasis on customer satisfaction. Our organization’s worldwide quality control is coordinated in large part by these regional offices. In addition, they bridge the gap between the direction set by our World Headquarters and the quality assurance efforts made at the local level in each of our global markets (Davaajav, 2020).



A compare and contrast of the two countries 

As can be seen in the chart located above, there are disparities to be found in each of the five characteristics of culture, namely power distance, individualism, masculinity, uncertainty avoidance, and indulgence. The United States scored 40, while Japan’s score of 41 was the highest. One’s “power distance” reflects the degree to which one anticipates and tolerates a society in which power is unequally allocated.

Compared to the United States, Japan’s individualism is lower, meaning that the culture expects individuals to care for themselves and their immediate families. The concept of equal rights is highly valued throughout all levels of American culture and government. As shown above comparison we can see that Japan and USA have a big gap in Masculinity. According to the Uncertainty Avoidance dimension, Japan has a higher rate than the United States, which reflects how comfortable its members are with uncertainty. On the other hand, the long-term orientation is higher in Japan than it is in the USA countries both countries encourage thrift and efforts in modern education to prepare for the future. on Indulgence, Japan has a lower score of 42, while the U.S. has a score of 68. This dimension is how much people try to control their wants and impulses based on how they were brought up. Hofstede Insights. (2022). Hofstede Insights. Hofstede Insights. https://www.hofstede-insights.com/

What advantages and disadvantages does this country provide to the MNC

(Toyota Manufacturing)

The following are some of the benefits that basic research. This division is responsible for researching fundamental automobile technology. innovative and cutting-edge technological development with a focus on the future. The development of the most cutting-edge technology and components, which are superior to those of competitors. Product development. The creation of brand-new models in addition to improvements made to existing ones.

One of Toyota’s disadvantages is that it must compete with low-cost cars made by Korean, Chinese, and Indian companies. All of these countries are expanding their presence in international markets (Flannagan, 2022). Toyota’s competitors, like General Motors, Honda, and Ford, are always coming up with new ideas. This is a challenge for the company. This part of the SWOT analysis shows that Toyota needs to do things, like come up with new ideas, to make sure it stays ahead of the competition.



Q.4 How does your MNC (Toyota Manufacturing Company) market its product or service differently comparatively due to these issues?

Toyota’s sales personnel connect personally with potential consumers to boost profits. The corporation advertises on TV, in newspapers, and online. Toyota promotes its goods through PR programs like Together Green and Meal Per Hour, which provide food to the Food Bank. Toyota’s PR boosts its reputation. Time-sensitive sales are another revenue-boosting tactic. The company sometimes direct sells to corporate clients. Toyota’s marketing mix illustrates that the corporation has thought of everything when promoting its brand and products.

So, businesses like Toyota have a strong culture, which helps them get along better with their different stakeholders. They should also learn that instead of having a culture that is aggressive, they should have a culture that pays more attention to details and that they shouldn’t focus on having a culture that is more focused on results. This is because Toyota had a culture where they cared more about the results than how they got there, which led to them using parts that weren’t up to par in their products (Flannagan, 2022).











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