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MSN Capstone Project Proposal Form

This is a building assignment that you will be completing over Week 1 through Week 9. This is a stepwise project proposal assignment in which you will complete one (1) section each week for your MSN Capstone Project Proposal. By the end of the Week 9, this form will have been filled in completely and your MSN Capstone Project Proposal will be completed. It is important that you keep up with the Weekly Assigned Section. Each section is graded separately on a weekly basis while the final completed form will be graded with an overall grade. Each week the student will receive feedback from the instructor and the student is expected to incorporate the instructor feedback to edit and improve the weekly sections. The Week 9 final Capstone Project Proposal with be based on students incorporating the instructor’s weekly feedback.

How to use this form.

· Must use the same form for all sections. The purpose is to have a completed the entire form by the end of the course.

· Complete the week’s section with the requested information.

· There are suggested word counts for each weekly section to provide you with an idea of what is expected.

· You are to write in full sentences, paragraphs, correct grammar, and spelling.

· Use APA formatting with citations and references list.

· Refer to the MSN Capstone Project Proposal Form Example found in Week 1 and in the Course Resources tab.

· Do not delete or edit the week section instructions.

· Do not lock the form because that will stop you from editing and revising within the form.

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MSN Capstone Project Proposal Form
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· Leave NO blank sections. All sections are graded separately.

· You may work ahead; however, the instructor will only grade the week’s section due for the assigned week and the form must be submitted each week.

· Read the item descriptions carefully. Items request very specific information. Be sure you understand what is requested.

· Use primary sources for any references. Textbooks are not acceptable as references.


Late Assignments: Students will receive a 10-point grade reduction for each day the assignment is submitted past the due date. After three (3) days past the due date, students will receive a zero (0) for that weekly section but must complete for the final Week 9 grading.


MSN Capstone Project Proposal Form

Student Name Ralph Marrero
MSN Program Family Nurse Practitioner
Project Title Depression in adolescent
Week 1
State Your Clinical Question Comment by Renita: Changes not made as suggested by Professor

[100 to 150 words]


· State your clinical question or topic for your capstone project proposal.

· What issue is the question/topic addressing?

· What are the reasons you selected this question/topic? Comment by Renita: Must list 3 reasons for choosing the topic


My topic of interest will be focus on the adolescent depression and how to identify risk factors to prevent suicide. Adolescent depression is on the rise. Recent surveys indicate that as many as one in five teens suffers from clinical depression. This alarming high rate of depression and suicide for adolescents worldwide is a big concern and it is important to know how to detect it. Depression can be difficult to diagnose in adolescents because adults may expect them to act moody. Also, adolescents do not always understand or express their feelings very well. They may not be aware of the symptoms of depression and may not seek help. This proposal addresses an opportunity to improve providers’ skills to properly identify potential risk factors and effective treatment tools we can use to better the life of the depressed adolescent. I chose this topic of interest because mental health is one of the areas if feel many people struggle with and they have a stigma against mental health. As a practitioner want to treat not only the medical condition of my patients but the mental health side as well.

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