Week 4
Literature Review Comment by Renita: Changes not made as suggested by Professor

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Literature Review Comment by Renita: Changes not made as suggested by Professor
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[500 to 1000 words]


Conduct a review of the literature. Include at least five (5) research articles and/or evidence-based guidelines. Address the following questions/bullets in completing this section:

· Conduct a review of the literature.

· Provide the highlights from the research.

· Synthesize the literature on the topic.

· Summarize how the project will contribute to knowledge by filling in gaps, validating, or testing knowledge.

· Cite references in this section per APA and list the reference in the References section at the end of the form.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the safety plans for military veterans. the department of the VA has been responding to issues contributing to high percentages of suicidal rates by having the provision of safety plans to the veterans having suicidal thoughts. Also, there have been major research activities on the efficacy of the SPs but no prior studies have indicated the degree to which a person would be linked with the outcomes most relevant on preventing suicidal thoughts/behaviors. The current studies aims at having more measures of prevention of suicidal behaviors being established and also being made effective based on the implementation which is done. The present study was about examination and the establish on ensuring that are determined and strategies of reducing the effects being put in place. Participants who have been involved in previous studies, whereby most of them are the military personnel I want other military veterans have been considered to be much important for the studies.

Team based suicide prevention

This is a strategy that involves the provision of lessons from an early age based on the collaborative acre provided. one should understand that the suicidal prevention in any clinical setting is a very demanding thing as it need coordination of the multiple clinicians who are having diversity in their skills on handling issues related to suicidal behaviors. Different challenges and benefits are experienced by the team approaching to provision of suicide prevention n the primary care provision whereby a particular focus for this case is on the veterans. The Veteran Health Administration is considered to be having both stakes in the prevention and o the systematic adoption of the different approaches relating to primary care intervention which would positively influence the suicidal acre being provided. one should also understand that the clinical trials a very important role in the suicidal prevention based on the efforts which are invested on by the clinicians in ensuring that the whole activities relating to suicidal prevention would be successfully initiated positively.

Developing of a practical suicidal risk prediction model for targeting highly risked patients in the veteran health administration. The US VHA (Veteran Health Administration) is noted to have begun on using the predictive modeling in the identification of the veterans who are at a higher risk of suffering from mental health and other suicidal targets. There are different longitudinal studies which have been done on the risk factors for the suicide attempts amongst the military veterans who have been involved been on wars outside the country such as Iraq. Identification of the different factors which are having great suicidal risk thoughts contribution amongst the veterans is very important as it helps on reporting of the informed risk assessment and also having the intervention targets being reported. Most studies have shown that a huge number of the veterans normally suffers from the posttraumatic stress disorder and this is one of the factors contributing into having depression disease which would bring in the mindset of suicide. The considered strongest predictors pf suicide attempts are considered to be the suicidal intent, suicidal ideation, attempted suicide history, alcohol and substance abuse, depression and the post-traumatic stress disorder. Thus, one should understand that, the stated issues are main contributors of suicidal behaviors and thus one should firstly deal with measures of stabilizing their effects because that would result into their effect being limited.


Week 5

PICOt Question


State your PICOt question here. Use the elements of the PICOt in separate sections below to describe each component.

· Population – Provide the description of the targeted population.

· Intervention – Describe your evidence-based intervention. Comment by Renita: Changes not made as suggested by Professor

· Comparison – What is currently happening?

· Outcomes – List at least two (2) measurable outcomes.

· time – What duration of the study for the project? (e.g., usually 6 months or 3 months)




The population being targeted in this case are the military veterans of the age 45-50 years who are considered to be having a higher risk of suffering from suicidal ideations, whereby the PICOT question is noted to be addressing the higher rate of having suicidal rate to this group of veteran age and thus attempts at having the incidences of suicide being reduced.


Intervention (I):


Interventions is another terms whereby it would question on the primary care follow-up on every 3-months duration, whereby some of the interventions would include primary acre provided referrals. Also, patients having high scores of risk of suicidal thoughts needs to be provided with a personal safety plan and follow us period of not less than three months.


Comparison (C):

Comparisons related to just having annual screenings and also provision of the safety plan to patients having higher risk of interpreted appointments on primary care provision



Outcomes (O):


Outcome is noted to be having 2 measurable outcomes either on decreased suicide attempts and also on the decreasing of suicidal ideations.


time (t):

Time for this case is considered to be the duration pf study being done whereby it would translate into follow-ups during studies being made and thus helping survey done on establishing the decreased suicidal thoughts strategies within a three months follow up.




Week 6
P (Target Population)

[75 to 100 words]


Address the following questions/bullets in completing this section:

· Who is your target population?

· Describe your population, i.e., age, ethnicity, gender, condition/diagnosis, etc.?

· Describe the setting where this project be implemented?