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Jackson health system is a non for profit organization intended to make access to affordable health care system easy and manageable. One of the positive impacts that the form has had on the community is to take in as many community members as possible who are interested in offering healthcare services. The cost of operations is rising due to inflation and supply chain issues, making the company work on a very tight budget. The impacts that come with the scrapping of the “critical care” funding will force the firm to look into alternatives that will make it continue to operate. The firm has now embarked on a target to add more paying patients into the system to manage funds deficits. This has a harmful effect somehow to service delivery as the paying patients will be given priority.

Statement Impact

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Jackson health system is a non for profit organization intended to make access to affordable health care system easy and manageable
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The initiative by Jackson health system to offer non for profit medical services is a bold move that has improved the quality of life for many of the community members. This is in terms of controlling and healing diseases and offering employment opportunities to many students in the health sciences academic programs. One of the key pillars or support systems for the sustenance of this program is the “critical care” funding from the federal government. With the scraping of the funding, the health systems will have rising costs that will negatively impact the profits realized. This will see the company register a rising expenses burden, an “unhealthy” financial report.



Potential Disparities

For sustainable operations, the health system must cut nonpaying patients and add paying patients to the system. This will negatively impact the provision of accessible, affordable medical care as the facilities will shift the interest to the paying customers to raise more funds required to sustain the operations in the facilities. The potential disparities in healthcare service provision preferences will hurt the community at large, especially for the patients who come from vulnerable homes and are not on any health insurance plan or are not in a position to cater to their huge medication bills.





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