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Week 9 & References
In conclusion, the veteran men of the ages 45-50 years, who are having the risk of having suicidal ideation are noted to be needing follow up procedures which should be done for a period of about 3 months and be reinforced by having annual screening and thus playing an important role on having the risk reduced. The PICOT question also has been described as very important in explaining of the alarming rates of having suicide numbers being reported amongst the military veterans and other strategies which would be used on ensuring that the risk of suicide is reduced amongst the veterans ta all the ages. One of the competencies you would expect to use in the implementation of this project is leadership skills which is considered to be a complex and multi-faceted skills. The other one is quality adherence and assurance whereby this would be observed in the management plans and also in the products and services which are offered in the acre provision to person having suicidal thoughts or ideation. Lastly, is on having ethical observation and consideration which would be observed in the decision making, ethical reasoning and the leadership related skills which should be within the ethics of practice.

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