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 Embracing networks


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Embracing networks
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• Dupont’s work is useful for articulating the different types of networks that can aid with crime prevention stemming from intelligence work.


b. Recommending action


• Within the policing environment, it is important that analysts make recommendations to decision‐makers.


• As Cope points out, there is a difference between analysts making recommendations, and the decision‐maker accepting the recommendation.


• Military analysts sometime struggle with the need to make recommendations, coming from a military area where decision‐makers are trained in using intelligence products, and there are distinct organizational gaps between analysts and their clients.


• Alternatives to the traditional written report should always be considered.




• Moving beyond the tactical to a strategic focus is effective for crime prevention.


• Influencing decision‐makers requires resolute accuracy in detail and fact, but also a flair for the imaginative in terms of getting clients’ attention.

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