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discuss the following points


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discuss the following points
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1. Students who are successful in online courses possess which characteristics?


2.  You are a nurse educator the organization that you are working in asked you to prepare the  Online Course Design (paragraph for each point)

please write about:

1. Best Practices for Online Course Design.

2.      Process of Online Course Design.

3.      analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation.

4.      Online Teaching Strategies.

5.      The Faculty Role in Constructivist Teaching.

6.      Online Collaborative Activities.

7.      Grading and feedback.



3. A nursing program at a junior college is planning to implement problem-based learning (PBL) in the advanced nursing courses. The faculty hold a meeting to review their new roles in this type of learning. Faculty preassign the students to small groups to promote effective learning and engaging discussion.

Why do some believe problem-based learning (PBL) is effective?

PBL allows students to elaborate on prior knowledge in a small group setting



4. A seasoned faculty member is working at a university and instructs the other faculty to create an interprofessional education (IPE) activity to use in the course. The faculty will be implementing the activity from scratch, as there are currently no activities or scenarios planned.

A. What is the purpose of going into the field when developing an IPE scenario?

B. What role does time play when planning an IPE activity?


5. A community with two hospitals are unable to accommodate students for clinical. The students are required to complete 36 more clinical hours, meaning the faculty will need to find alternative ways for the students to achieve these hours.

What has been known to improve student outcomes in the clinical skills laboratory?





6. Effective classroom management is one of the most feared parts of teaching for both; new teachers and students. For the teacher, it can cause unhappiness, stress and eventually lead to individuals leaving the teaching profession.  For the students, lack of effective classroom management can mean that learning is reduced in the classroom .

Discuss the previous statement pointing out meaning & criteria of    effective classroom management, rules, common forms and the ways that teacher can use them in managing classroom


7. Clinical Pathways are standardized protocols for the treatment of specific diseases or conditions and represent the synthesis of evidence- based health care decision making

· Importance & the characteristics of clinical pathway

· Phases of developing clinical pathway

· factors that help or hinder clinicians adopt and put care pathways into practice



8.  Give short answer in TWO from the following options


· Difference between preceptorship & mentorship

· problems with student evaluation and assessment, Strategies for Improvement

· The characteristics of Evidence Based Learning (EBL) & Problem Based Learning (PBL)

· Reflective report components




Please follow below instruction:

APA style ,7th Edition


Required Textbooks and websites:


Martha J. Bradshaw, Beth L. Hultquist, Debra A. Hagler (2021): Innovative Teaching Strategies in Nursing and Related Health Professions 8th ed.  ISBN: 9781284170177


Susan Bastable (2019) Nurse as Educator: Principles of Teaching and Learning for Nursing Practice,5th. Ed.


Melissa Robinson (2022): Online Nursing Education: A Collaborative Approach, 5th ed

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