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2 Separate essays 300-500 words on each essay

Mindful questions (don’t have to use)

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2 Separate essays 300-500 words on each essay
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How have Roman Catholic priests experienced and conceptualized their own masculinity, sexuality, and power?

To what extent have the interests of the institutional Church differed from those of low-level priests? Parishioners?

How does McDevitt’s study portray clerical sexuality? To what extent can we extrapolate from that data (or not)? Why?

How have financial interests intersected with sexuality and power in the Church?

Links for the cited sources

● Armstrong-Partida’s “Introduction: Understanding Priestly Masculinity” in Defiant Priests https://utep.primo.exlibrisgroup.com/permalink/01UTEP_INST/1f86khb/cdi_walterdegruyter _books_10_7591_9781501707827_004

● Frontline: Secrets of the Vatican https://utep.idm.oclc.org/login?url=https://fod.infobase.com/PortalPlaylists.aspx?wID=104 347&xtid=58693

● McDevitt’s “Sexual and Intimacy Health of Roman Catholic Priests” in Journal of Prevention & Intervention in the Community https://utep.primo.exlibrisgroup.com/permalink/01UTEP_INST/1f86khb/cdi_walterdegruyter _books_10_7591_9781501707827_004

● OPTIONAL (en español): Melgar’s “Los Legionarios de Cristo: Red pederasta, poder y corporación empresarial transnacional,” Instituti Nacional de Antropología e Historia de México. https://revistasinvestigacion.unmsm.edu.pe/index.php/psico/article/download/3703/2967


● 300 to 500 words. ● Format double spaced, clear 12pt. font with 1 inch margins.



● Formally cite any outside source you use. Refer to materials from the class by the last name of the author, noting the title in the first mention. Please provide page numbers if you include a [short] direct quote.

● Don’t* just summarize, restate, or describe. ● Offer brief summary of the most important thesis of the source, then connect the reading to one

or more of our course themes.


1) How Christian faith and practice, gender, and ideologies of sex have been mutually constructed/constructive;

2) How ideas about gender, religiosity, and sexuality have changed over time and in different contexts; and/or

3) How these concepts have informed (and continue to inform) social debates and challenges

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