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temporal theory of pitch perception


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temporal theory of pitch perception thermoception
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top-down processing

ability to discriminate among different figures and shapes

(also, crest) highest point of a wave

way that sensory information is interpreted and consciously experienced

educated guess used to interpret sensory information

chemical message sent by another individual

light-detecting cell

visible part of the ear that protrudes from the head

perception of a sound’s frequency

different portions of the basilar membrane are sensitive to sounds of different frequencies

organize perceptions into complete objects rather than as a series of parts

perception of body position

things that are close to one another tend to be grouped together

small opening in the eye through which light passes

light-sensitive lining of the eye

specialized photoreceptor that works well in low light conditions

touch receptor that detects stretch

what happens when sensory information is detected by a sensory receptor

failure to transmit neural signals from the cochlea to the brain

not perceiving stimuli that remain relatively constant over prolonged periods of time

change in stimulus detection as a function of current mental state

things that are alike tend to be grouped together

middle ear ossicle; also known as the stirrup

message presented below the threshold of conscious awareness

grouping of taste receptor cells with hair-like extensions that protrude into the central pore of the taste bud

sound’s frequency is coded by the activity level of a sensory neuron

temperature perception

sound’s purity

interpretation of sensations is influenced by available knowledge, experiences, and thoughts

Chapter 5 | Sensation and Perception 185




trichromatic theory of color perception


tympanic membrane



vestibular sense

visible spectrum

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