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electrical signal that moves down the neuron’s axon

sits atop our kidneys and secretes hormones involved in the stress response

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electrical signal that moves down the neuron’s axon
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drug that mimics or strengthens the effects of a neurotransmitter

phenomenon that incoming signal from another neuron is either sufficient or insufficient to reach the threshold of excitation

specific version of a gene

structure in the limbic system involved in our experience of emotion and tying emotional meaning to our memories

drug that blocks or impedes the normal activity of a given neurotransmitter

strip of cortex in the temporal lobe that is responsible for processing auditory information

controls our internal organs and glands

major extension of the soma

view that psychological disorders like depression and schizophrenia are associated with imbalances in one or more neurotransmitter systems

region in the left hemisphere that is essential for language production

brain and spinal cord

hindbrain structure that controls our balance, coordination, movement, and motor skills, and it is thought to be important in processing some types of memory

surface of the brain that is associated with our highest mental capabilities

long strand of genetic information

imaging technique in which a computer coordinates and integrates multiple x-rays of a given area

thick band of neural fibers connecting the brain’s two hemispheres

branch-like extension of the soma that receives incoming signals from other neurons

helix-shaped molecule made of nucleotide base pairs

disease related to insufficient insulin production

allele whose phenotype will be expressed in an individual that possesses that allele

recording the electrical activity of the brain via electrodes on the scalp

series of glands that produce chemical substances known as hormones

study of gene-environment interactions, such as how the same genotype leads to different phenotypes

Chapter 3 | Biopsychology 107



fight or flight response


fraternal twins

frontal lobe

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