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Discussion 1

 System Implementation

Review the “System Implementation” section in Chapter 6 of the text. Select two risks that your current (or former) organization could potentially face. In 200-250 words, provide a potential risk mitigation recommendation for each of the two. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.

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Discussion 1 System Implementation Review the “System Implementation” section in Chapter 6 of the text.
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Response 1 (Adam Shafer)

Supply chain organizations face many challenges throughout the life cycle of the business.  It depends on how those challenges are faced and handled that makes a business truly successful or fail.  With the implementation of the most up-to-date current information and communication technology systems, my organization has faced several different hiccups along the way.  “Information and communication technology (ICT) enables the collection, analysis, and evaluation of data and the transfer of information from one point to another. (Emmett 2005)” Though there have been hiccups along the way in changing operation systems, there have been several great data sharing that have derived from the new system.  There has been immediate access to information, improved control over inventory, and improved accuracy.  There, however, have been some downsides with new technology as well.  One risk that has been taken and tried to be handled is the education of having to teach new technology to individuals and maintain a systematic use of the equipment.  With turnover, the constant training of equipment has been a risk we had to mitigate as well when making the decision to switch operating systems.

This leads me to my second risk is the implementation of decisions without the proper thought behind the decision.  “Project planning with realistic timescales needs to be internally managed and not left to an external software provider, who really has no idea of the fine complex details of the user’s business. (Emmett 2005)” A company can’t afford to rush through project decisions just to implement them without the proper thought process of who and what will be affected by the decision.  This could be avoided if we stepped back and had meetings discussing these decisions and internal groups to further discuss all those affected by the change.  Additional time can be input for unforeseen possibilities to keep the project on schedule.





Emmett, S. (2005).  Excellence in warehouse management  (1st ed.). Retrieved from https://www.vitalsource.com/


Response 2 (TH HEnshaw)

Hi class,

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