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Course Objectives for Assignment: 

· Apply and integrate the concepts and knowledge gained in prior general management and health care administration courses to industry-relevant challenges.

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Course Objectives for Assignment:
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· Analyze the ethical dimensions of strategic management as applied to the health care industry.

Successful leadership and managing involve building consensus and building professional relationships. If left unchecked, our egos can impede our objectivity and we can become our worst enemy.

Read  “Michelle Rhee’s Attempt to Fix a Broken School District” on pages 59-61 of the text, Leadership for a Fractured World: How to Cross Boundaries, Build Bridges, and Lead Change. And discuss the following:

1. What were the strengths of Michell Rhee’s approach to leadership and managing?

2. What were the challenges of Michelle Rhee’s approach to addressing the significant problem?

3. In which ways could Michelle Rhee’s approach to addressing the school districts challenges been approved upon?.

4. What challenges do you have in your leadership and management style that could adversely impact your success in addressing the challenges that are part of every leader’s career? How will you mitigate the impact of your leadership and management challenges.

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