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Comprehensive Instructional Strategies

This assignment is much more detailed than lesson plans typically used in the classroom. The assignment is designed to evaluate your skills in a comprehensive way; thus you are asked to provide much more detail than traditional plan so that you are able to evaluate your skills in these areas.

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Comprehensive Instructional Strategies
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· Understanding standards – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQmnfwSHubw

· ELA Standard – “ See attachment

· Examples of Accommodations – “See attachment

· RUBRIC for Scoring – “See attachment”




Revise your lesson plan in the following way:


· Write out the Standard (The expectations of what the students should achieve to do and what Teachers should teach.) in details

· Learning Targets

· Edit and update Lesson Plan.

· See attachment of Lesson Plan that need to be revise

· No Plagiarism

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