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• American small businesses have embraced broadband. [24]

• Fifty-five percent of American adults connect to the Internet wirelessly.[25]

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• American small businesses have embraced broadband. [24] • Fifty-five percent of American adults connect to the Internet wirelessly.[25]
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• All income groups have high Internet usage, from 65 percent (less than $30,000 per year) to 98 percent

($75,000 per year or more). [26]

• Forty-six percent of small business owners plan to grow their businesses by creating or improving their

company’s online presence. [27]

• Almost half (49 percent) of online adults have used online classified ads.[28]

We live in a society of 24/7 immediacy, where the equivalent of foot traffic is increasingly

becoming eyeballs on a website. [29] People and businesses turn to the Internet to solve problems

and address the needs that they have. Embracing this change and moving existing small

business practices to include e-commerce would not seem to be an option. Rather, it is

increasingly becoming a requirement for survival. Even so, small business must think carefully


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about how to enter the e-commerce world or, if already there, how to best take advantage of the

opportunities. Both situations will require careful and deliberate decision making that takes e-

commerce implications into consideration regularly. K E Y T A K E A W A Y S

• The creation of customer value must be a top priority for small business. The small business owner should be thinking

about it every day.

• Cash flow is a firm’s lifeblood. Without a positive cash flow, a small business cannot survive. All business decisions will

have an impact on cash flow—which is why small business owners must think about it every day.

• A cash-based accounting system is for small firms with sales totaling less than $1 million. Accrual accounting systems

measure profits instead of cash.

• Digital technologies are very important to small businesses. They can improve efficiencies, help create greater

customer value, and make the business more competitive. Digital technology integration should be something that

small business owners think about regularly.

• It is not correct to use the terms e-business and e-commerceinterchangeably. E-commerce is a subset of e-business.

• E-business can work for any small business.

• E-commerce generates revenue. E-business does not.

• Moving existing small business practices to e-commerce is increasingly becoming a requirement for survival.


1. “A customer calls L.L. Bean about a favorite jacket he purchased more than 10 years ago and has recently lost. In a

matter of minutes, the sales agent identifies the old jacket, locates a replacement model in the current catalog,

suggests a matching size and color, and orders the jacket. The replacement jacket arrives three days later.” [30] How

has L.L. Bean added to the customer’s perception of value?

2. When thinking about customer value, you should plan to address three questions: (a) What do my customers truly

value? (b) What do I provide? and (c) How does what I provide differ from my competitors? Select a small business

and interview the owner to see how he or she answered these questions. Pay particular attention to the first question.

3. Intuit QuickBooks, Peachtree, and AccountEdge are three popular accounting packages. Gather information from their

websites and conduct a comparative analysis as though you were a new small business looking to buy one of them.

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Chapter 2

Your Business Idea: The Quest for Value

Cheshire Package Store


Source: Used with permission from Robert Brown.

Robert Brown has been the owner and operator of the Cheshire Package Store for 25 years. It is

one of several liquor stores in this town of 25,000 people. Some of his competitors are smaller

or approximately the same size, and one is significantly larger. Robert is very clear in his

understanding of what gives his store a competitive edge. He believes his establishment provides

the setting that makes a customer feel at home. “My feeling has always been that small

businesses must have a feeling of comfort. If your customers do not feel that they can ask you



Saylor URL: http://www.saylor.org/books Saylor.org 57

questions about the product or if they feel that they are imposing on you, then they are not likely

to return.”

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