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Assignment Instructions

1. Go to the Assignment Dropbox where you submitted your resume. (Assignment Dropbox:  Submit Resume for Peer Review ) Download your partner’s resume.

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1. Go to the Assignment Dropbox where you submitted your resume. (Assignment Dropbox: Submit Resume for Peer Review ) Download your partner’s resume.
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2. Using information gathered from the Live Class 2 resume workshop as well as the videos provided in this class, provide at least  three pieces of constructive, actionable feedback.

· Tips for great feedback:

· Lead with the positives

· Provide EXAMPLES of what you mean.

· For example, saying “Your resume is good, but it needs more detail” is not an adequate peer review because it offers no specifics or detail as to how to correct the problem. You must identify the  specific areas where you feel more detail is needed…and explain why you feel it’s important.

· Better feedback would be like this: “Your work experience only includes your job titles and a couple of words of description. Adding a line or two detailing your specific job duties would help give more context to your work duties.”

· GREAT feedback would be like: “Your work experience only includes your job titles. I suggest adding special projects or achievements to flesh this out. Here’s an example: [This is where you add YOUR words.}”

· REMEMBER: a good peer review cannot be completed in a few minutes! Plan to give this activity ample time (at least an hour) so you can give thoughtful, meaningful and constructive feedback.

· Your feedback must be presented in the form of a memo.

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