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What are the three main Scrum Roles (or Agile Roles) and how should they serve customer value (what is needed) over constraints (schedule, cost, etc.)?

The three main scrum roles are scrum master, product owner, and scrum team. Scrum master has the role of facilitate the scrum process encourage apply scrum rules, holding daily meeting with scrum team,  coaching and motivate scrum team, and remove roadblocks that could avoid scrum team be successful (meet goals and produce deliverables). Product owner, represents the stakeholders and has the commitment to determine product expectations, prioritize goals for each sprint based on the value of stakeholders’ expectation, records changes to products, update to-do list for scrum project. Scrum team is a self-organized and self-administer group (between three to nine individuals) that have the skills to work on deliverable products that meet each sprint’s goals. The three main scrum roles are the core roles, known as “pigs,” and ancillary roles (stakeholders involved in but not committed to scrum project), known as “chickens” (Peek, 2022).

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What are the three main Scrum Roles (or Agile Roles) and how should they serve customer value (what is needed) over constraints (schedule, cost, etc.)
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4. Based on a quick “sweep” of the web (web search), identify and discuss one company or government agency actively using Agile PM (Hint: Search DoD or VA  AND Agile or Scrum for many government hits).

In 2016, the IT Acquisitions area of the Department of Homeland Security determined they have taken longer than planned or failed to deliver desired results on their projects and started a transitioning process to move to an agile approach to help them improve. From 2016 to 2019, OHS made significant adjustments and advanced implementing Agile methodology. Although OHS required additional steps as leading practices or to ensure all staff are being trained, in Feb 2020, they formally established agile development as the preferred developmental approach for IT programs and projects. OHS decision was shaped by the Federal Chief Information Officer and Office of Management and Budget (0MB) (OHS, 2020).


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Compared to traditional project management, which focuses on the activities necessary to complete the project, agile project management emphasizes the characteristics of the project. In the traditional structure, the commands are given from one high. However, in the agile framework, the team is encouraged to experiment with several possible solutions before settling on the best one. While traditional planning emphasizes the plan itself, agile planning embraces change.

Scrum is an agile, iterative project management method widely adopted in the software development sector. Scrum relies on an autonomous, cross-functional team of employees. Within agile development, the scrum master and product owner are two roles that direct the scrum teams.

In scrum, the product owner is responsible for promoting the product and ensuring that the development teams deliver the business the most value possible. The scrum master’s role is crucial in the scrum process because they eliminate obstacles and ensure that the development team is not sidetracked. The third faction is the scrum team’s advocates for sustainable development. It is the foundation on which the sprint schedule is built.

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