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Rhetorical Analysis First Draft and Peer Review

[RHETORIC] Rhetoric provides a method for studying the work that language and writing do

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Rhetorical Analysis First Draft and Peer Review
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[ACTION] Writing is a form of action. Through writing people respond to problems and can create change in the world.

[CONTEXT] The meanings and the effects of writing are contingent on situation, on readers, and on a text’s purposes/uses.

[CHOICES] Writing is a process of deliberation. It involves identifying and enacting choices, strategies, and moves.

Post your Rhetorical Analysis first draft here on October 15. Then provide peer responses for two other students using the questions below by October 17:


What are some of the strengths of the essay? Consider referencing a specific sentence or paragraph and explaining why you believe the section is noteworthy.

Does the introduction establish the context of the text: Does it provide enough background information to situate the text within a specific conversation? Does anything need to be added? Cut?

Does the summary accurately and succinctly give an overview of what the original text? Does anything need to be added? Cut?

What is the thesis statement? Copy and paste it into your peer review. Does the thesis focus on the text and not the subject matter or argument?

What claims does the writer make in support of the thesis statement?

Does the writer need to provide additional claims to support the thesis? What ideas do you have for additional claims? Is each claim sufficiently developed? What details would strengthen any of the claims?

Does the conclusion make an argument about the overall effectiveness of the text in persuading its intended audience?

Does the essay focus on the rhetorical elements of the text (context, intended audience, use of logos, pathos, ethos, use of rhetorical strategies such as style, arrangement, emphasis, impact/effect on the audience, etc.)? Are any of these elements underplayed or overemphasized?

How is the essay organized? Does the essay flow logically and smoothly from one section to the next? Can you point to places where the essay flows, feels choppy, and/or you feel informed or lost?

Are there any major spelling, grammar, mechanics issues that the student needs to be made aware of?

Can you provide any additional feedback or link any resources you believe will help the writer to continue working towards a final draft?

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