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Registered nurses also play an essential role in providing expert, evidence-based, and person-centred care. Consequently, my comprehension of EBP will considerably affect future practice, as EBP will allow me to utilize scientifically established evidence to back up clinical decision-making. This will permit me to offer safe and effective care to a patient while also providing the groundwork for my medical training.

Part B taught me about successful leadership and how it contributes to the provision of high-quality, evidence-based patient care. I now recognize the importance of leadership, which will aid me in managing a team. For example, I will guarantee that the team has a common purpose that all team members understand. Learning about leadership, management, and change theory has influenced my path to becoming a certified nurse, as management and leadership abilities are essential within the NHS (Arnold and Boggs 2019., n.d). Interestingly, as registered nurses, they are critical abilities to have, as potential employers mention in the job description that they are required. Newly trained nurses are expected to manage teams successfully from the first day of registration; thus, they must have a strong foundation in leadership as suggested at literature assignment help.

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Registered nurses also play an essential role in providing expert, evidence-based, and person-centred care. Consequently,
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Because I learned how communication and interpersonal skills might affect the teaching and learning process in Part C, it will influence my future work as a supervisor for student nurses. Before carrying out the teaching activity, I had a rudimentary understanding of teaching. As a result of the reflection, I was able to identify the session’s merits and faults, particularly environmental impediments. As a result, the reflective component has given me a structure to connect theory to nursing practice while also boosting my confidence in reflective practice, which is critical because nurses are required to reflect on feedback to improve their practice and performance, particularly when revalidating, which is a process to show the NMC that they are fit to practise (Tsimane and Downing 2020., pp.91-98). Overall, I believe that completing the three portions of this module will allow me to work as an RN safely and successfully since I will be able to keep current clinical knowledge. This will enable me to provide the best possible care based on available evidence. This is an essential aspect of nursing practice, and the NMC (2018) in the Code supports it (Truglio-Londrigan and Slyer 2018., p.1). Through role modelling in the classroom, I believe I have displayed professionalism and trust, allowing students and coworkers to trust me and have faith in my skills. The NMC (2018) Code includes a professional requirement of acting as a role model of professional behaviour.
In conclusion, I have critically evaluated and mirrored clinical learning needs essential to my career development. Critical analysis and reflection aided me as a nursing student in obtaining excellent learning achievements by permitting me to correspond and apply the theories to clinically oriented circumstances and explore and examine the evidence as shown at https://dissertationwritingservicepro.com/ . Furthermore, by illustrating my communication abilities with complicated cases, my clinical teaching and learning requirement was recognized by tutor feedback. For me, recognizing this requirement is an ongoing cycle. However, I noticed that trying to communicate with patients and partnering with staff nurses would support me in being a more self-assured nurse practitioner. At this moment in my advancement, partaking in and involving myself in leadership roles would be advantageous. I could move forward as a nursing student and establish my teaching and learning competency forward into professional performance as a professional nurse practitioner by reflecting on and acknowledging these learning and teaching.

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