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Your assignment is to draft four or more research questions. These questions can be either

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Qualitative: Research questions must be aligned with the purpose statement. Qualitative
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qualitative or quantitative or a mixture of both.

Qualitative: Research questions must be aligned with the purpose statement. Qualitative

research questions should be open-ended and reflect the nature of the qualitative design (avoid

yes/no and closed-ended questions).

Quantitative: Research questions must be aligned with the purpose statement and should include

proposed hypothesis(es). Ensure the research questions and hypothesis(es) are aligned with the

purpose statement. The research questions and hypotheses must be directly answerable, specific,

and testable based on the data collected.


(Quantitative/Mixed Studies Only)

Both null hypotheses and alternative hypotheses should be stated. Each must directly correspond

with a research question. Hypotheses must be stated in testable, potentially negatable, form with

each variable operationalized. Note: Each hypothesis represents one distinct testable

prediction. Upon testing, each hypothesis must be entirely supported or entirely negated.

Length: 1 page, not including title page (reference page not required)


Purpose statement

The study will use a qualitative research design to analyze the issue. The research data will be

gathered through email, surveys, and interviews with participants from 50 different churches.

The selection of respondents will be done rapidly, and the process will be completely voluntary.

The research will target church leaders as they have been on the receiving end of COVID-19

restrictions, which mandated the closure of churches to allow the public members to practice

social distancing to contain the spread. This move attracted a wide range of challenges for church

leaders, especially in delivering their services to followers. As a last resort, the church leaders

were forced to use technology to achieve this goal which makes them a suitable target population

as technology affected their operations to a great extent. The study will use independent and

dependent variables where the church ministries will be the dependent variable while technology

influence will be used as the independent variable.

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