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Cornell Notes #

Main Ideas: review, clarify & synthesize notes to just the main points/most important aspects

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Cornell Notes # Main Ideas: review, clarify & synthesize notes to just the main points/most important aspects
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_____From Stumbling Block to Stepping stone _________________________________________________

Author’s Last Name, Chapter, and Page numbers:

Lewis, Chapter 3, page 130-144_________________________________________

Notes: write and review main notes / bulk of notes.

Racism and sexism are exercised in newsrooms across the country (p.130) Black journalists are underrepresented in television news. Hierarchies of sexuality, gender and race operate in the newsroom. Gender and race dynamics are revealed in the process of obtaining clearance to conduct the field observations.
Black journalists work a large number of the least desirable shows in television news (p.133) Lewis argues that black journalists are likely to work the least undesirable shifts and shows. They are likely to be relegated to the graveyard shift and to the weekends. The graveyard shift is undesirable because of the time of the day and the fact that one might not reach the target audience and gain recognition for career success and promotion.
Black journalists lack access to decision-making positions (p.134) Black journalists face the struggle of gaining access to the key decision-making positions in the newsroom. They do not have influence on newscasts. Black journalists face challenges in terms of space, place, and time limitations.
The graveyard shift is used as a stepping stone (p.136). Even though the graveyard shift is undesirable, journalists join it as they consider the graveyard shift a stepping-stone towards their career goals. The journalists thrive, innovate, survive, and produce even though they face numerous challenges in the newsroom culture. They use techniques such as silence to resist the newsroom culture.
White males make more money that black males and females (p.137) White males are likely to earn more money than black males in the newsroom. Women generally earn less than men. There is a large disparity between the salaries of women and men.
Graveyard shift workers use time-saving techniques to get everything done (p.139) Graveyard shift workers often lack adequate resources. There are few workers in the newsroom. When a shift has more black workers, it is likely to lack adequate resources. Workers do what they need to do to advance their career.
Summary: A brief breakdown of the notes from the right column which includes an analysis of what you read and your own ideas about the theories, concepts, and/or points made. The summary must be at least one paragraph.
The author argues that there is racism in the newsrooms. Black journalists are likely to be assigned to the graveyard shifts. These shifts run through the late-night hours. Such shifts are undesirable; therefore, more black workers are assigned to the shifts. Black workers often receive low wages. They lack access to health insurance, and do not have permanent positions in the newsrooms. The poor treatment of black workers and women show that racism and sexism exist in newsrooms.

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