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7 one-page chapter reflections for the following:


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· Chapter 1: Introductions; Overview; Building Community; What is meant by macro systems?
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· Chapter 1: Introductions; Overview; Building Community; What is meant by macro systems?

What is a community? Define your community? What makes a good community?


· Chapter 3: Thinking about change: what are the obstacles? Target systems: understanding diversity and change efforts; the impact of oppression, understating culture; thinking about social justice; Ecological systems theory;


· Chapter 4: Theories and concepts of macro intervention; Understanding communities, empowerment, the role of power; assessing strengths and community mapping


· Chapter 5&6: Gaining sanction, Community analysis; neighborhoods


· Chapter 7: Human service systems and the community


· Chapter 8: Organizations, organizational analysis and organizational Change


You will be expected to summarize the readings and discuss how the implications for human services work and your field experience. You will be expected to use your learning to inform your work. Reflect each chapter,




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