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You are free to choose any topic of interest to you. However, I will have to approve the topic before you start working on the project. Each student in the course selects a topic of interest to them (policy/program/project), and prepares a paper on that topic using insights from the course, their own experience, and data gathered from as many sources as you can. The paper can be qualitative or quantitative. A key element of the paper is to apply concepts and principles of benefit-cost analysis discussed in the course. A typical paper is a CBA of a project.

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CBAs are usually done for projects with social impacts (with a number of individuals affected), for example, a project for a community, city, state, or nation. Topics for personal projects such as which car to buy, renovating your house, building a personal business, etc. will not be approved.


Term Paper’s Format: The paper is to contain at a minimum: 1) Cover page, 2) Introduction 3) Discussion, 4) Conclusions, and 5) References. I would use the nine basic steps of CBA discussed in Chapter 1 as guide on writing the paper. The length of the paper is12 pages (excluding the cover page and list of references). The paper is to be typed double-spaced and turned in before or on December 6. CANVAS must be used to submit the paper. Emailed submissions will not be accepted.


Previous Student Topics. See posted examples in CANVAS under Files – “SAMPLE CBA PROJECTS” folder.

· A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Smoking Cessation: Madison County Perspective

· Gambling: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

· CBA of Constructing a Library

· CBA of Recycling in Huntsville

· CBA of Artificial Reef Project

· A Cost Benefit Analysis of a Permanent Lighting System for a Small Community Recreational Center in Harford County Maryland

· Cost Benefit Analysis U.S. Household Residential Lighting: Incandescent versus LED

· Energy Efficiency in the Home with ENERGY STAR Products: A Cost Benefit Analysis for Alabama

· A CBA Analysis of Implementing a Hydrogen Infrastructure for Vehicle Transport

· A CBA of a New Commuter Rail System for the Atlanta Georgia Suburbs

· Willingness to Pay for a Park

· Airline Cell Phone Costs: CBA

· Construction of a Community Swimming Pool: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

· The Choice of Immunization: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

· Cost Benefit Analysis of Florida’s Proposed High Speed Rail System

· CBA of Alabama State Funded Lottery

· CBA of Legalizing Medical Marijuana

· CBA of Upgrading to LED Street Lights

· Construction Project of an Aerial Gondola between Rosslyn And Georgetown: a CBA

· Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Proposed Additional Nature Trail Connecting Chancellor’s Run

· Cost Benefit Analysis: Barnes Boulevard Widening Project

· A CBA of the Hyperloop as a New Mode of Transportation in California

· A Cost Benefit Analysis of Bringing Uber to Huntsville

· Solar Street Light Conversion: A Cost Benefit Analysis

· CBA of a Shortened Full-time Work Week

· CBA for a Dog Park

· A Cost Benefit Analysis of Constructing a Community Garden

· Cost Benefit Analysis of the Construction of a Parking Garage in The Vicinity of Major Naval Shipyard

· Cost Benefit Analysis: Oklahoma City Northwest Multimodal Transportation Corridor

· Cost Benefit Analysis of a Telework Program for Federal Employees within Huntsville, AL

· Cost-Benefit Analysis of $15 Minimum Wage in Florida

· Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Human Mission to Mars

· A Cost Benefit Analysis of the Construction Project of a Playground for Local Community


A CBA Project Proposal is required and submitted as a homework. The final project is 25% of your course grade. CBA Projects will be graded based on content/ writing (20%), quantity and quality of data used (30%), application of lessons learned and analysis (50%).



Writing Tips:

· Start your data research early and make sure information/ data is available for your topic. The quality of your paper is highly dependent on available data.

· Choose a topic with social impacts.

· Get a topic approved early so you can start working on your paper early. Email your topic anytime for approval. Do not wait for when the CBA proposal homework is due.

· Cite the sources of your information in your discussion.

· Use tables to present data and analysis. There is no limit on the number of tables in your paper.

· Monetize all impacts, including non-monetary benefits (use value of your project) and costs.

· Discuss how you got your impact valuation. Don’t just enumerate the benefits and costs but discuss how you measured them. What data did you get? Where did you get the data? How are you using the data to measure a cost or a benefit of your program?

· Include a sensitivity analysis.

· Include a summary and discuss your recommendation.



Abstract Samples


Abstract 1

In a world of fast-developing technology and increased usage of social media, there seems to be an app for everything and a way to stay connected to everyone around us. This phenomenon has come to include transportation. Uber, a network transportation company, offers a more favorable alternative to the traditional for-hire transportation services, such as taxis. This innovative approach to ordering a ride both meets the modern desire for quick service and stimulates the economy, while maintaining environmental and safety standards. The Cost Benefit Analysis in this paper will compare Uber to the existing taxi services in Huntsville. If the benefits outweigh the costs, Uber will offer a newer, better mode of transportation in Huntsville that will provide jobs and improve safety on the road.

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