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Ethics and Contemporary Issues Project

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There are different ethical challenges explained in the last section, and various solutions are recommended. Harassment is an issue that has existed for years in society, and there have been different laws and regulations, but implementation is difficult. There must be solutions that should be easily implemented, and there should be a contribution from the management and employees. The first solution that must be implemented is effective leadership. Poor leadership is one of the biggest causes of harassment in the workplace. The harassment is usually associated with females and minorities. The females join the workplace with the trust that they will be provided a safe environment and equality among the employees. Leadership should be based on different theories and models. It has been seen that transformational leadership is one of the most appropriate approaches in the literature and practical implementation. Transformational leadership is chosen because there are no hard rules, and the leaders are properly involved. The leaders encourage the members to have positive changes in their followers. The leaders are highly energetic and passionate about the organizational structure and function. It has been observed that these leaders believe that the employees should be fairly and equally treated. There should be no discrimination between males and females.

Regarding equality, leaders have to ensure that all females and males are also safe in the environment. Transformational leadership is also recommended because the training is involved in the process. The employees must be trained suitably, and transformational leaders believe in morals and ethics. When ethical training is given, the employees can never think of doing any harm or unethical to their female colleagues or minorities (National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, 2018).

The next solution is policy formulation. As it has been talked about several times, the policies and rules have been made several times at the different platforms as the policies are made at the national and international levels. The topic of discussion is not the make more policies but to implement the existing ones. Suppose the legislation of different countries is analyzed in detail. In that case, it will be seen that the governments have ensured the punishment and penalties for those involved in the heinous act of harassment. The policy implementation is necessary to prevent harassment especially sexual harassment in the workplace. It has already been mentioned that female employees in the United States of America have suffered from sexual harassment in their workplaces (Halim, 2018). The policies exist there, but the implementation is lacking. The solution to the problem is to create awareness among the employees and management that they should understand that harassment has nothing to do with the workplace. Everyone is equal, and they should be treated fairly. EEOC has made a policy that organizations should have equal rules and regulations for employees regardless of sex, gender, occupation, ethnicity and race. It is a complete rule and policy that EEOC defines, but it is seen that the implementation is not completely done in the organizations. Everyone should remember that the EEOC and all other organizations must be careful regarding the matter. These solutions should be implemented in organizations to prevent sexual harassment. Moreover, it should be remembered that sexual harassment is not only a form of harassment in the workplace but also other forms. Mental torture, overwork and fewer salaries should also be considered (Shaw, 2018).


It is concluded that harassment is one of the hot issues in the workplace. Many other issues can be considered and debated, but the rationale for selecting harassment is to demonstrate that almost all organizations suffer from it. There are different surveys and studies done on the topic, and it has been observed that sexual harassment is most significant but critical in organizations. It must be prevented, and solutions should be sought. The literature review has already been explained in detail, and ethical challenges have been discussed. The solutions have also been elaborated, and it is observed that almost all organizations need to practice similar rules and regulations. Sexual and mental harassment is common among organizations, so it is important to remind everyone that certain teachings by EEOC and Civil Rights are necessary to be implemented. It is further concluded that the situation can be normal among organizations. However, the need of the hour is to understand the ethical challenges and to implement the solutions in the organizations. The solutions require transformational and other appropriate forms of leadership and management. Moreover, governments should be responsible for harassment incidents and implement strong legislation. The employees and management should be convinced that there are productive approaches and practices to prevent harassment in the workplace.









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