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Words to Describe Chronic Pain Syndrome

Chronic pain comes in many forms, and distinguishing one kind of hurting from another can be challenging. Here are some descriptive words that may be useful when describing your condition to your doctor:

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Words to Describe Chronic Pain Syndrome
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· Aching

· Burning

· Cramping

· Exhausting

· Gnawing

· Heavy

· Hot

· Nagging

· Numb

· Sharp

· Shooting

· Sickening

· Splitting

· Stabbing

· Penetrating

· Pinching

· Pins and needles

· Punishing

· Tender

· Throbbing

· Unbearable


Medications to Treat CPS

Painkillers are probably the first medicines you think of for relief. But other drugs can be just as effective in fighting chronic pain. Under the right circumstances, some  depression  and  epilepsy  drugs can help, too.

· Antidepressants alter brain chemical levels that affect how much you are hurting, as well as your mood. Epilepsy drugs seem to block pain signals going to the brain.

· Anti-anxiety drugs (benzodiazepines) also help relax muscles, and are sometimes used to fight chronic pain syndrome.

Typically other medicines are tried before using antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs.


Pain Relief with Surgery

Surgery isn’t always an option for chronic pain. But when a patient’s suffering comes from the back or serious musculoskeletal injuries, surgery may be the right option.

Patients have access to a range of surgical options, including operations to correct the underlying cause (slipped disc for back disorders) to implanted pain control devices.

Some surgical options include

· nerve blocks,

· discectomy and microdiscectomy,

· laminectomy, and

· spinal fusion.

Although surgery can bring relief for many patients, it does have its risks and works only in specific circumstances. Talk to your doctor about the possible options.


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