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Week 9 Assignment 4
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Week 9 Assignment 4

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Turnitin™ enabledThis assignment will be submitted to Turnitin™.
Week 9 Assignment 4: The Regulatory Environment – Survey Readiness

Course Objectives for Assignment:

·  Apply management theory, concepts, and models to examine ethical best practices in long-term care administration and to foster performance excellence.

·  Develop and refine students’ ethical problem solving and analytical skills when confronted with complex challenges, decision making, and strategic planning in long-term care administration.

Background: Preparing for a regulatory survey is essential in  long term care and complying with these regulations is critical for the success an organization. Over the past several weeks, we have learned a tremendous amount of information on different departments as well as various administrative areas. Now, we will apply your knowledge to creating a proactive plan that assists your team in being prepared should regulatory bodies arrive to conduct a survey or inspection. While we do not have the time to implement and discuss a full mock survey, we will have the time for you to work on a few of the processes for a survey readiness plan.

Your Scenario (Option A, B, or C) : Your instructor will assign you one of the scenarios provided below. This communication for your assigned scenario will be provided from your instructor no later than Week 2 of the course.

Option A: Florida Assisted Living Facilities

If Option A was Assigned to You, then You will be Provided with One of the Following ALFs:

· ALF Option 1: Colonial Assisted Living located in Tampa, FL

· ALF Website:  Colonial Assisted Living Tampa Florida Website – Main Page

· ALF Option 2: Brookdale Senior Living located in Cape Coral, FL

· ALF Website:  Brookdale Senior Living Cape Coral Florida Website – Main Page

· ALF Option 3: Addington Place Senior Living in Titusville, FL

· ALF Website:  Addington Place Senior Living Titusville Florida Website – Main Page

If the ALF Option was Assigned to You, then you will be Provided with One of the Following Florida ALF Regulatory Standards:

· Florida ALF Standard Option 1: A0007 – Admissions -Criteria

·  Rule:  59A-36.006(1) FAC

· Regulatory Information: Pages 21 to 25 of the Florida AHCA State Regulations PDF.

· Florida ALF Standard Option 2: A0030 – Resident Care – Rights & Facility Procedures

·  Rule:  59A-36.007(5) FAC; 429.28(1-2) FS 429.27

· Regulatory Information: Pages 40 to 45 of the Florida AHCA State Regulations PDF.

· Florida ALF Standard Option 3: A0123 Fiscal – Resident Trust Funds

·  Rule:  429.27(3-5) FS; 59A-36.013(2) FAC

· Regulatory Information- Pages 103 -104 of the Florida AHCA State Regulations PDF.

· Florida ALF Standard Option 4: A0183 Emergency Management – Facility Evaluation

·  Rule: 59A-36.019(4) FAC

· Regulatory Information: Pages 131 to 132 of the Florida AHCA State Regulations PDF.

· Florida ALF Standard Option 5: AE201 – ECC – Policies

·  Rule:  59A-36.021(2) FAC 429.07(3)(b)5, FS

· Regulatory Information: Pages 149 to 151 of the Florida AHCA State Regulations PDF.

Resources for this Scenario :

· How to locate the specific regulations for this scenario: You can you the Control F function on your PC or Command F function on your Mac to search for a specific regulatory standard/tag/rule. Type in the information that you want to search for in the specific document that you are reviewing, using this search function, to locate your information:

· Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) ALF State Regulations:   Florida AHCA State Regulations PDF

· Website link to Florida ALF Statutes:  Florida ALF Statutes Website

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