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Week 3 Discussion Example

Se Hambla Espanol

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Week 3 Discussion Example “Se Hambla Espanol”
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Paragraph 6: Introduce a source from library that supports you view

The following paragraph is revised from the submission to the Week 2 Assignment area.

However, many people would agree with Barrientos and argue that the United States needs to

embrace the kind of diversity that Barrientos embodies. What kind of diversity does she

embody? Barrientos demonstrates how diversity is inherently diverse. In other words, all those

who identify with one group do not share a set of uniform characteristics. This broadened

realization of diversity has tangible benefits to the country. The Editorial Board (2021) of The

Washington Post affirmed this when it wrote, “Economists have found that immigrants tend to

be more innovative and entrepreneurial than native- born Americans, obtaining more and more

valuable patents, and founding businesses of all sizes at higher rates.” As the editors note,

diversity means more innovation, more entrepreneurship, more invention, and more business-

generation. In truth, many of the country’s leading minds in the past decades have come from a

diverse background. Steve Jobs heritage included a Syrian father. Elon Musk was born to a South

African father. Donuts came from a Russian inventor, telephones came from a Scottish inventor,

and even the all-important American cheese was invented by a Canadian immigrant.

Encouraging people like Barrientos to think of themselves in a broadened way helps the country

economically and socially. If the United States at large embraces this kind of less gatekeepy

method of who belongs and who is “othered,” then the country at large would benefit.



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