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Topic: Industrialization

Grade Level: 8-10

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Topic: Industrialization
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Duration: 2 hrs.

Subject Area: History

Education Standards Addressed: CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RH.9-10.2


Stage 1 – Desired Results
Established Goals: For students to understand the beginning and progress of the Industrial Revolutions from past history to present day industries.

Students will understand that:

1. Inventions made over the years

1. Development and trade resultant from industrialization

1. Impact of governments to industrialization

1. Progress made over the years

1. Difference in modern day processes in comparison to past years industrialization inventions and equipment’s

Students will know:

1. Key years of industrial revolution

1. Key inventions made

1. Key terms

1. Tools used

1. Progress made in the years before and after the industrial revolution

1. Events that supersede the growth seen today in industrial revolutions and tools such as iron and steel and resultant impact in the span of the years.

Essential Question(s):

1. Why are these events important?

1. What effect did the Industrial Revolution have on people’s sense of independence?

1. In what ways did the manufacturing of iron alter during the age of the factory?

1. Why did urban areas expand during and after the advent of industrialization?

Reviewed Questions

1. Explain the impacts of industrial revolution on the people’s sense of independence over the years?

1. Did the manufacturing of iron tools and equipment’s alter the manufacturing during the age of the industrial revolution, in what ways?

1. Explain the reasons for urban and trade expansions after the industrial revolution?

1. viewed Questions

1. alisatial as ofrributes. learning tends to crease a more deheir understandin

1. How did the advent of the industrial age affect families in the working class?

Student objectives (outcomes):

Students will be able to:

Compare: To compare tools and equipment used in the industrial revolution in comparison to today’s equipment’s and determine the difference in progress made over the years in over two past centuries

Apply: The grade 8 to 10 students will be able to apply the inventing ideology gained from past history progresses to better their lives in professions they end up in in order to continue the progress to always make work easier and improvements in investments. They will appreciate the progress made over the years and learn on the use of tools and equipment’s at their disposal.

Describe: describe processes involved in the industrial revolution and dictate the events that supersede the process of industrialization.

The worldwide expansion of the economy is largely attributable to industrialization. Performance is up, mass production is possible, and that has raised everyone’s level of living.


Stage 2 – Assessment Evidence
Performance Task(s):

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