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Title: Customer Success Coordinator/Team Leader Job Summary Provides industry-leading customer care, order assistance, technical customer service, and customer success team leadership while engaging in real-time troubleshooting of inbound Tier II and Tier III customer requests by email and telephone. Coaches employees in all customer service and contract sales facets, manages the customer care escalation chain, and works with the customer success manager to improve overall service delivery improvement, quality, and excellence. This person has a high level of accountability for call monitoring to improve service efforts and scoring performance and develops support strategies based on customer feedback. Works with a knowledge-sharing mindset, works with a sense of urgency, works cross-functionally, is a problem solver, and thinks outside the box while troubleshooting the root cause of all customer success center problems to identify the action(s) required to resolve the customer’s issue immediately. Serves as customer success trainer. Customer Success Coordinator/Team Leader Commentary: In the past year as lead agent in the call center for the company, I’ve worked with my manager to increase customer satisfaction rate by 37% through revising the existing cold call script, adding stronger value propositions, and focusing on quality control QC-ing and agent dashboards. I spent time with agents, communicating performance expectations on inbound calls, call waiting, and abandonment rates. I monitored calls using our new quality assurance form. I handled 15–20 customer requests to speak with a supervisor per day and positively resolved the issues. I assisted my manager in 36 employee evaluations, detailing observations of positive performance, opportunities for improvement, and specific details of supervisor calls taken for the week. I demonstrated the ability to handle 50 or more calls a day as the lead customer success agent, too. By decreasing my talk time by 15 seconds per call, I believe I can increase my call-per-hour rate by at least 10% next quarter without negatively impacting customer satisfaction. I also worked with the accounting manager and her team to implement the new digital timekeeping system and train all agents. After reflecting on my performance, I noticed that while my ability to work with employees at all company levels is one of my best skills, I understand our customers. I am ready to take on more HR-related responsibilities. I began serving as the lead customer success trainer and helped my manager onboard nine new representatives. I would like to understand the call center’s company goals and work with my manager to shift the call center culture to a more employee-centric workplace. Many call center workers have been here less than two years (27.5 %), and most call centers run an average 30–45% turnover. Let’s focus on retention. I believe that additional sales training and education about our products would help me increase my up-selling performance in line with company expectations. I want to discuss a potential promotion to assistant customer success manager.


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Title: Customer Success Coordinator/Team Leader Job Summary Provides industry-leading customer care, order assistance,
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