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MBA 687 Campbell Soup Company Case Study This case study explains how the Campbell Soup Company provides new managers with the opportunity to develop their leadership abilities fully. As part of an initiative to provide leadership training to attract and retain highly skilled contributors to the workforce, the Campbell Soup Company supplies employees with resources and the framework to learn from executives of their leadership team. The company also practices a Pay It Forward belief system, wherein senior leaders actively participate in course instruction. Through participation in this program, C- suite leaders can express support for training, attend training, use goal-setting activities, adopt model behaviors, use action plans, and give trainees time to practice new skills, and offer praise and recognition for learning. The program’s two-year leadership commitment is immersive and is an investment in building leadership skills to manage global workforces. Real-life experiences shared by other leaders’ journeys are a high point of this program. Other training strategies of this program include letter writing to gain acceptance to the program, 360-degree feedback, and networking to strengthen the entire process. Campbell’s training techniques are blended, including diverse literature, homework, self-awareness techniques, high collaboration, and coaching. References for source material and further research

• Duncan, R. D. (2014, September 18). How Campbell’s Soup’s former CEO turned the company around. Fast Company. https://www.fastcompany.com/3035830/how-campbells- soups-former-ceo-turned-the-company-around

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MBA 687 Campbell Soup Company Case Study This case study explains how the Campbell Soup
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• Galagan, P., & Bingham, T. (2011, March 13). M’m m’m good: Learning and performance at Campbell Soup Company. T+D Magazine. https://www.td.org/magazines/td-magazine/mm-mm-good- learning-and-performance-at-campbell-soup-company

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• Riggs, E., & Levine, D. (2011, September 29). Focus forward: Building leaders at Campbell’s Soup Company [Company presentation], CPP. https://shop.themyersbriggs.com/pdfs/Building_Leaders_at_Campbells_9_2 9_11.pdf

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