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LDRS 420 Assignment – Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Presentation


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LDRS 420 Assignment – Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Presentation
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This presentation is about team change. Work with your teammates and reflect on what you learned about your MBTI characteristics. Look at the MBTI characteristics of your teammates. Prepare a PowerPoint for the class on how your team will work together.


Reflect on the following:

· Have a discussion with your teammates about each person’s characteristics. What did you learn about each other?

· Based on the individual strengths and weaknesses (Note: Not advantages and disadvantages), discuss how you will work with each other.

· How would you leverage each other’s strengths?

· There is always room for improvement, no matter how good a team is. Using the individual characteristics as a reference, how will you strengthen your team and the people around you?

· What is the best way you and your team can work with other people? (Note: People do not change for you. You and your team should adjust to the people that work with your team).

· What is the best way other people can work with you and your team?


Assignment Guidelines


• Your team is expected to produce a PowerPoint for this presentation. The PowerPoint must have the following components:

· A Title Slide.

· At least five slides for each presenter (your speaking notes must accompany the PowerPoint slides, but you cannot just read off them).

· Reference slide(s).

• Each team member is allotted three to five minutes for their presentation. It will be timed, and marks will be deducted if you are over or under the time limit.

· Must be in APA7 format.

• Your team is expected to answer all these questions. Topics that are not covered will have to be addressed in the Q&A session.

• You will have an opportunity to evaluate your teammates.



Due Date


• Please check your Course Syllabus for the due date and time.

• A copy of your PowerPoint must be uploaded to the Moodle Assignment Dropbox the evening before the presentation. Only one set of PowerPoint per team is required.

· Please be reminded that late assignments will not be accepted and a grade of zero will be assigned.


P.S. Please remember that this university takes academic misconduct seriously. The instructor will review all suspected cases of academic dishonesty in accordance with Trinity Western University’s Procedures for dealing with Acts of Academic Dishonesty . Students are reminded to review Trinity Western University’s Policy on Academic Dishonesty . A copy can be found in Moodle’s “Course Resources” section.

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