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Avoid Substance Abuse

It can be tempting during bouts of severe chronic pain to turn to drugs and alcohol. Don’t rely on alcohol or illicit drugs. Self-medicating may ease the pain temporarily, but over time substance abuse can make your disorder worse.

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Avoid Substance Abuse
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Along with other dangers, alcohol and illicit substances can have dangerous interactions with other medications you may be taking. If you’re leaning on alcohol or other substances to get through chronic pain, seek help.


Healing and Managing Your Chronic Pain

Most people with chronic pain find that there is no single, miracle cure for what ails them. Instead, a combination of approaches that is customized for each individual is usually used. That might include things like

· improved habits,

· a new exercise routine,

· medication, and

· therapy.

By taking the time to discover what works, you’ll most likely find a combination that eases your chronic pain.

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