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agreement • In my workgroup or team, my opinions count.

o 72% agreement

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agreement • In my workgroup or team, my opinions count.
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• The company tries to promote a work environment free from discrimination and harassment.

o 41% agreement • The environment at the company is supportive of the expression of different

opinions, styles, and perceptions. o 18% agreement

• I am satisfied with the company’s efforts to support and encourage differences.

o 34% agreement Productivity:

• The technology, tools, and resources I have access to allow me to be as productive as possible.

o 83% agreement • Staffing levels have kept up with the increasing customer base, workload, and

infrastructure. o 26% agreement

• Deadlines set by senior management are realistic. o 18% agreement

• I am given the opportunity to do my best work. o 26% agreement

Performance Management:

• I have a clear understanding of work expectations. o 60% agreement

• My performance has a significant and direct impact on my pay. o 26% agreement

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