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Systematic Review Critique Rubric( INDIVIDUAL PAPER) Points
1 What does this review ask? What is the main issue being researched regarding physical assessment and diagnosis? 10
2 What are the elements of this review?

Are the results of the systematic review valid?

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Systematic Review Critique Rubric( INDIVIDUAL PAPER) Points
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What are the final results?

Can this be applied to your practice as either a practicing advanced practice nurse or registered nurse?

3 Who funded the review? 5
4 What are the strengths and limitations of the review? 15
5 Was the objective accomplished? 10
6 Your thoughtful, critical thoughts of the review and how it can be implemented into your work as an APRN or registered nurse are clearly presented. 20
7 In APA format, correct grammar and spelling, at least 4 pages in length and correctly cited. 20
Total Possible Points: 100

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