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HCA 421 Week 5 Discussion 1

HCA 421 Week 5 Discussion 2

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HCA 421 Week 5 Discussion 1
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HCA 421 Week 5 Assignment (Research Paper) Strategic planning and evaluation of the organization (Mayo Clinic)



HCA 421 Week 5 Discussion 1

Strategic Financial Management


Describe the four primary purposes of a professional strategic financial management function in an organization. Further elaborate on how reimbursement, supply and demand, contractual adjustments, patient mix, regulatory legislation etc. may influence (or not) these purposes. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings


HCA 421 Week 5 Discussion 2


Examine the past


Five weeks and the information read and discussed. Present to the class a topic


That has not been covered in class that you find important to the course


Material, one that applies to you professionally, or one that is perplexing to

You for further exploration.

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