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Assignments and Instructions

Unit 3 Individual Project

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Assignments and Instructions
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Deliverable Length: 5-7 pages; min. 5 academic/professional sources published in the last 5 yrs.

You work for a health care organization that frequently needs to share information with other providers. Your organization has a very important relationship with a diagnostics center in particular where you frequently need to share patient information such as lab results, X-rays, and other diagnostic information.

ØYou have been asked to review your company’s protocols on sharing and receiving patient information for outside providers to ensure that your organization is in compliance with the latest standards and regulations.


Ø Write an executive summary that examines the compliance procedures and practice guidelines that these organizations would need to establish to achieve optimum operational effectiveness while complying with federal, state, and local laws governing patient information security and records retention.


Ø Analyze the current trends in patient data capture and information sharing among health care providers, assessing their impact on your organization’s operations.


If you look at this assignment it states 5-7 pages and there has to be5 academic/professional sources published in the last 5 yrs.Also the in-text citations must co-inside with the references and placed after each instance. Also answer each bullet point in the order seen above. I am not sure if you need to name an organization but if the person writing it thinks it is necessary then add one. If you need to add an organization, then use a hospital in the USA.

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