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You are the director of health services for the county, which includes a department of adolescent health and youth development. You have just been notified of a 10% cut to your budget for the upcoming fiscal year. As the administrator, you are responsible for assessing the value of the programs provided and determining what cuts should be made. You must complete a report outlining your analysis of the topic and examples of what other school health programs have experienced.

Create a report of 2–3 pages that covers the following:

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You are the director of health services for the county,
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  • Identify and describe the role and activities of a comprehensive school health program.
  • Describe at least 2 areas of controversy related to the type of services provided by the comprehensive school health program.
  • Describe the budgetary constraints that have been experienced by many comprehensive school health programs and the impact of budget on the provision of health services.
  • Provide at least 1 specific example of a school that has implemented creative solutions to counter the budgetary shortcomings.

Your report should be 2–3 pages, excluding the cover page, abstract page, and reference page. Support your work with at least 3 academic or professional peer-reviewed sources published within the past 5 years.

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