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The monthly report on medication errors was presented to all units within ECHO Hospital. Although the rate has decreased, staff identified that the primary cause of medication errors continues to be interruptions while preparing and administering medications.

The nurse manager has asked the staff members to offer assistance in solving the problem of preventing interruptions while RNs are preparing and giving medications.

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The monthly report on medication errors was presented
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Using the assigned readings, information from the literature and the above scenario, your knowledge of the, principles of safe medication administration create a discussion post in response to the following:

  • Suggest at least three (3) changes that can be made to prevent medication errors due to interruptions.
  • Select one (1) suggested change and write an outcome statement (realistic, measureable and contains a time frame).
  • Select one (1) suggested change and outline the steps that would be taken to implement it.
  • Describe how the selected change will be evaluated to determine its effectiveness in achieving your stated measurable outcome.

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